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Scots locals left outraged after dog owner spotted kicking pooch during argument

SCOTS locals have been left outraged after a dog owner was caught kicking his pooch during an argument “over a lighter”.

Evie Clarke was at home last week when she heard an aggressive argument ensuing outside her house in Musselburgh, East Lothian.

The 50-year-old looked from her garden, where she says she spotted a man standing in the street screaming at a woman, whilst his leashed pup sat nearby.

Care worker Evie whipped her phone out to record when she caught the man apparently booting his dog’s underside as it sat on the grass.

Shocking footage shows the man in a screaming match with a woman – who is off-screen – as the large brown dog sits on the grass nearby.

The unidentified man and the unseen woman appear to be arguing over the latter walking away, whilst the man claims he is “trying to get a f***ing lighter”.

The pair continue swearing at each other as the man shouts: “F**k off.”

In a horrifying moment, he then approaches the dog on the grass as Evie can be heard gasping in horror.

The camera stabilises to show the man appearing to punch and then kick the dog in the chest, knocking it to the ground.

The pooch cowers as the man angrily shouts something unintelligible before yanking the dog’s lead and escorting it away.

The thug then nonchalantly wanders down the road with his pup as cars pass him by.

Evie took to social media last week in a plea with the public to help identify the man.

She wrote in the post: “Don’t know who these people are she was called Charlie, but he kicked that dog out of anger about 20 seconds in. Sending to SSPCA. It was over a lighter.

“Animal cruelty.”

The post received dozens of likes and comments as horrified locals shared their thoughts on the post.

The man kicking the dog.
Pictured: The horrific moment. (C)

One person wrote: “Oh my God. This makes me feel sick. That poor, poor dog. He doesn’t even deserve to be called a human. Needs locked up.”

Another said: “People who abuse animals should not be allowed to keep them. I hope he is identified, and that poor dog removed to be rehomed with someone who will love him the way he deserves.”

A third commented: “Absolutely disgusting, sickening behaviour. The poor dog. I hope he’s caught for this abuse and karma catches up with him.”

A fourth added: “Absolute cretin. That poor dog.”

Speaking to Evie today, she said: “It was in the Clayknowes area of Musselburgh on Friday 27 October.

“I heard a very aggressive argument from inside my house, so I went to my garden and stood on a chair to see what the noise was (this is a really quiet residential area, usually).

“There was a man holding a dog, screaming at a woman, so I started to film it. At that point, I believed he might go for her. I didn’t even think about the dog.

“It was only when she started to leave, he went back to the dog who had been lying waiting on the grass, punched it and kicked it in the chest.

“It happened so quickly and unexpectedly. He then walked off with the dog. I called the police, who couldn’t help as I didn’t have his name and advised I call the SSPCA – which I did.

“I shared the video […] and several people came forward with the same name and an address which I also passed onto the SSPCA.

“Horrible man and from my understanding through social media, he’s not a very nice guy to women or dogs.

“I just really hope they manage to do something so that dog has a better future with a loving family.”

In an update on Sunday, Evie said: “We have a name and an address for this guy, so hopefully justice will be done.

“I won’t hear though, unless he is prosecuted – which, as you know, takes some time. Thank you to everyone for helping and especially those who came forward.

“Thank God for social media otherwise I’d have gotten nowhere, and that dog would have no one to help him.

“Let’s hope he has a better future.”

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