Two school pupils raise money for Holocaust memorial after Auschwitz trip


TWO Scottish school pupils have raised money for a permanent holocaust memorial after learning of the the horrors of the Auschwitz death camp.


Rachel Lonie and Natalia Wojda approached Dundee Council with their idea to create a memorial for the Holocaust victims after visiting Auschwitz in September.


The council supported their idea of a memorial in Dundee and now the two 17 year-old pupils from Grove Academy will unveil a plaque at Windmill Gardens in Broughty Ferry on Tuesday 27 January to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day.


Natalia Wojda (left) and Rachel Lonie (right)
Natalia Wojda (left) and Rachel Lonie (right)


Council leader Ken Guild immediately got behind the campaign and it was decided that Windmill Gardens in Broughty Ferry would be the ideal location.


Once permission was granted the pupils organised multiple bake sales and a raffle at the school which raised the three-figure sum required.


Rachel said: “In September we travelled as part of the Lessons from Auschwitz programme to the death camp in Poland.


“We could not fathom the horrific acts that had taken place there. From then we wanted to do our part in conveying the contemporary relevance of the Holocaust within our school and community.


“The service at the end of the day on our visit to the camp is perhaps what has affected us the most.


“The Rabbi Barry Marcus said that when people ask him, ‘Where was God during the Holocaust?’ he answers with a question of his own: ‘Where was man?’


“Recent events taking place in the world has shown the vast distance within mankind and that little progress has been made in 70 years.”


Natalia said: “We are currently planning assemblies and activities within our school focussing on the contemporary relevance of the Holocaust.


“We want people to understand that each and every one of us is able to break the barrier of fear towards the unknown and act upon all odds.


“We are the voice of humanity and it is particularly important that young people take interest to continue to keep the memory alive for another 70 years.”


Dundee City Council leader Ken Guild said: “We were more than happy to help when Rachel and Natalia approached us with their idea.


“The Holocaust must always be remembered to ensure that those atrocities are never repeated.


“It is truly honourable that these students have taken it upon themselves to create this lasting memorial.”

The memorial reads:


“To the six million Jews and the other victims murdered in the Nazi death camps and to all who have experienced the horrors of genocide and the destruction caused by prejudice and discrimination. We Will Remember.”


The plaque also features a quote from Anne Frank which reads: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”


Tuesday’s event will also be one of 70 places in the UK where a special candle will be lit to mark 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz.


For Holocaust Memorial Day 2015, the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust commissioned Sir Anish Kapoor to design and create 70 special candles to be distributed to 70 events across the UK – including Broughty Ferry.


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