Eclipse 2015 – time lapse video from Scott monument


WATCH: Time lapse showing the eclipse high above Edinburgh’s Scott Monument



A spectacular eclipse of the sun delighted millions of onlookers across the world today


Pic: Wullie Marr


EDINBURGH was blessed with bright skies to watch the event – the most spectacular of its kind for 15 years.


Hundreds of people across the city stopped to watch the dramatic partial eclipse, which blocked out 94 per cent of the sun.


People across Edinburgh stopped working to stare up at the sky, with many gathering at Calton Hill in the city centre.

Deadline News photographer Wullie Marr’s  spectacular time-lapse video and photographs show the eclipse as it appeared high above the iconic Scott Monument on Princes Street.

Pic: Wullie Marr


Wullie, who lives in Glasgow but regularly works in Edinburgh and across Scotland,  used no fewer than three graded filters on his Nikon D4 camera to capture the eclipse  in all of its glory.


However many in his home town and the west of the country were left disappointed because of cloud cover.




People watched the event through home-made cardboard “pinhole cameras” and special protective sunglasses.



Pic: Wullie Marr


Before the eclipse, the sun was so bright that shadows of indignant birds reeling overhead were eerily cast onto walls, buildings and streets.


Pic: Wullie Marr


The sky grew steadily lighter from around 8.30am onwards, and then darkened, with the moon eventually blocking out 92 per cent of the sun by 9.35am.




The eclipse left vivid effects in the heavens for the remainder of the day, with shades of blue and pink streaking the sky until late in the afternoon.






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