Police hunt driver behind parking fail


A VIDEO of one of the worst parking attempts ever has gone viral after a driver smashed into a block of flats, almost hit a woman and child and then drove away.

Police are hunting the driver of the yellow car caught on camera trying to park in a street in Falkirk, Bo’ness.




In a second attempt they try to parallel park but lose control of the car which speeds into another vehicle and then into a block of flats.

Alarmingly, just seconds later a woman holding a child walks out of a door just a metre away from the carnage.




The driver pulls out, waits for several seconds, then drives off as she looks on in disbelief.

But there is no escape as now CCTV footage of the incident has been shared more than 9,000 times.

The owner of the car that was damaged posted the video on Facebook and wrote: “The owner of the yellow fiat needs to contact me.”




Karen Steele Cunningham commented: “Bloody hell. That could have killed someone.”

Vaz Johnstone added: That person with the dog is holding a small child too.. shocking! Need to find who this is.”

While Lee Hamilton wrote: “If they somehow have got a licence they won’t have for long. If they were several seconds later they would have hit the person walking their dog.”




Anne Campbell, who works at Bobtail Dog Groomers near to where to the car hit, was “absolutely horrified” when she saw the video.

She said the lady almost mowed down by the yellow car is a customer called Leanne who was on her way to the dog salon.

“We were in here and heard the bang,” said Anne speaking from Bobtail Dog Groomers.




“I was absolutely horrified when I saw the video. I was totally horrified when I saw Leanne and her wee two year old and the dog. She was coming round to me for a 10 o’clock appointment.

“She was very agitated, Leanne.I couldn’t understand why until I saw the video.”




Anne added: “She’s fine and that’s what matters.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said they were appealing for information and trying to trace the driver of the vehicle.

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