Mum of tragic road victim suffers online troll


A GRIEVING mother whose son was knocked down and killed by a car has been targeted by an online troll.

Nine-year-old Kairon McKay from Inchture, near Perth, died while out playing with friends.

Despite being inundated with hundreds of messages of support, his mother, Laura, has been left feeling “broken” by disgraceful comments on Facebook.

Laura McKay and her son. Pic - Laura McKay Facebook.
Laura McKay and her son. Pic – Laura McKay Facebook.


Kairon was killed shortly after 9pm on the A90 near Longforgan, Perth and Kinross, about four miles from his home.

The troll, believed to be a woman from Monifieth, Angus, wrote: “You should never have let your son be out at that time of night in the dark.

“Longforgan is a long way from Inchture.

“What the hell were you thinking just because he was with older kids he would be safe?

“Maybe you should’ve got up from your a**e and gone to look for him.

“You will have to live with this for the rest of your life unfortunately your son doesn’t have a rest of his life because you just couldn’t be a**ed to know where he was.”

Kairon’s grandmother, Moira McKay, responded: “Usually it’s best to ignore bad comments but in this case I think people need to know a few things.

“They were supposed to be playing outside around the houses. It was very unlike Kairon to go some place without his mum’s knowledge.

“No mother can keep track of their child 24 hours a day. Do people honestly think Kairon would have been allowed on that road? It was dark and he’s not usually out.

“Please, I hope no more bad comments. Laura has lost her son, we have lost our grandson. We are broken.”


A friend, Mairi Gordon Welch, wrote: “You are a wonderful mum, Laura. Ignore the awful woman. A hateful vile woman. Don’t even give a second thought to her comments.”

And Amy MacQueen Mill wrote: “The world’s full of lunatic’s with nothing to do but hurt people, don’t let the bastards get you down.”

Laura herself has shown remarkable self-restraint by appealing to her friends and family to stop castigating the troll.

She wrote: “Think we need to leave that woman who sent the mail alone now. She’s has been publicly humiliated enough. Let’s get back to focusing on the real pain of Kairon not being here.”

Laura said following her son’s death: “I feel completely responsible. No words can hurt any deeper than I feel right now.

“I have no blame on anyone, not the kids he was with or the driver.

“It’s just an awful accident and now I’m paying for it by not having my wee boy beside me for the rest of my life.”

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