Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Squirrel goes nuts trying to get into wheelie bin

A VIDEO shows that squirrels as well as humans are being driven nuts by the spread of multi-coloured wheelie bins.

Leah Kilpatrick filmed an enterprising and determined rodent desperately trying to get into her waste bin in the garden of her home in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire.

The squirrel cleverly worked out that the light blue and brown bins contain nothing of interest and honed in on the grey bin, which contained food scraps.

The squirrel almost gets in.
The squirrel almost gets in.

But getting the lid open – and keeping it open – defeated the squirrel despite numerous attempts.

It stood on a neighbouring bin and used its mouth to prise open the lid, coming close on occasion to pulling off the feat. Less impressive was when the squirrel stood on the lid of the grey bin and tried to lift itself and the lid.

Leah, 36, said the light blue bin was the recycling bin for plastics and the brown contained garden waste.

“I don’t have a food bin so I just put our food waste in the grey bin so I guess that’s why it was so interested in that bin.”

She added: “I was worried I was going to have to head across and fish it out.

“I don’t live in a particularly countryside area, but we do seem to get a lot animals around here.

“The squirrels come up and perch on my daughter’s balcony, and we had three deer in the garden the other week.”

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