Third Trainspotting novel may be in the pipeline

IRVINE Welsh has indicated that a third Trainspotting novel may be on the cards.
Welsh said filming of the sequel to the movie of Trainspotting had prompted the idea of giving Mark Renton and Francis Begbie a third outing in print.
The second Trainspotting book, Porno, was published in 2002, but Welsh said working with Trainspotting director Danny Boyle on the sequel had “revived” the characters.
Welsh signing autographs of his second Trainspotting novel, Porno. Credit: Mariusz Kubik
He said: “I’ve been helping Danny Boyle already, going over the script with him, and have put him in touch with a lot of people- ex-addicts and people on the streets who know the lie of the land and the pulse.
“They won’t go away as long as the circumstances make them relevant. They are still interesting to me.”
He added: “We are going to be shooting, so they [the characters] are all revived. They are all back in my head now.”
Welsh, who remains heavily involved with the new film, said it felt like a reunion.
“It feels like a band getting back together,” he said.
“They gave me a lot of money and a fancy title: executive director.
“I don’t know if that means you’ve got to earn your corn or just keep out of the road.”
danny boyle
Welsh has been working closely with director Danny Boyle on the second Trainspotting movie. Credit: Romina
Welsh, 57, also revealed that he has lost interest in the party lifestyle.
He said: “I used to do binges and parties that lasted for three or four days, but I can’t do that any more.
“It’s not just the fact I’m not up to it physically or mentally, I don’t want to, I’m pretty bored of it.
“Now I play tennis and go to the boxing club all the time and do road running”
He explains that his class worked against him in the UK: “If you’re in the fame, that’s the place to be.
“They want you to be there in a way that Britain doesn’t.
“Britain is still more about class, about who you went to school with and your social connections. I’ve got more kudos in Hollywood… plus it’s easier to get paid well and get things done.”

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