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Vacant Property and Kids Just Don’t Mix – Especially During Summer Holidays



Any commercial property is vulnerable to vandalism at any time of the year but when bored kids are off school for extended holidays like in the hot summer months, your vacant property is just begging to be broken into. Whilst not all kids are going to be tempted to have a look around your premises, there are enough kids out there who have nothing better to do with their time and that’s why you should take the time to see about vacant property security. The following tips for protecting your property are offered by Compound Security Specialists to help you protect your investment.

It Isn’t Just Your Property that Is at Risk!

Many owners of vacant property, commercial or otherwise, don’t stop to think about the fact that it isn’t only their property that is at risk. There are often loads of ‘hidden’ dangers lurking about and kids who are on the premises unattended by an adult can quickly get injured, sometimes severely. Older kids who can read and understand written warnings will usually avoid toxic chemicals and electrical wiring but younger kids in their primary years who happen to be mulling about the neighbourhood may not understand the dangers. Also, kids like to climb and one slip could be fatal.

By providing state-of- the-art security to your vacant building you are doing everything in your power to protect both the property and the children. In fact, if the parents of one of those kids should file a claim against you for injuries sustained by their unruly children, you could be in for lengthy litigation if you haven’t taken proper precautions to guard against unlawful entry. Some regulations are harsh when it comes to bearing responsibility for injury.

Choosing the Right Type of Security for Your Needs

Vacant property security isn’t always as cut and dry as it might seem. Many residential and commercial property owners feel that only one kind of security is necessary. They may only install basic CCTV with live monitoring at the security company’s location and they may choose to install alarms. Some even hire security personnel to patrol the premises at various times of the day. In any case, it is always advisable to utilise as many types of security as possible to offer the best all-around protection and only from a reliable and reputable property security company of experts.

It is also advisable to do as much as you can to keep the grounds lit well at night. Older kids are on the prowl and their parents are often unaware of their nocturnal activities. Many aren’t due in until midnight on holidays and so a dark, vacant property is just calling to be entered. These kids might not have theft or vandalism in mind but that empty building is just too inviting to be ignored. Once inside, they may see something that strikes their fancy and this is where the problems actually begin. From dangers they face to the loss you may sustain, proper vacant property security is the best line of defence so hire and/or buy the best you can. It’s the only true way to protect your structures and grounds from uninvited ‘guests.