He’ll have a saw head in the morning: pal cuts table around sleeping man


A JOKER has been filmed using an electric jigsaw to cut round a drunken pal’s head as he sleeps on a table.

Chris Linstrem is seen in the video crashing through the hole in the table as his friends celebrate the prank.

The footage has been uploaded to social media with the warning: “Never fall asleep on the sesh.”

The incredible clip has already amassed more than 1.5 million views as well as 25,000 likes and shares plus countless more comments.

Chris, from Manchester, was enjoying a night with his mates at a house party when he fell asleep on the table they were sitting at.

As he rested his head on the wooden surface, one of his friends used the electric saw to cut around him.


The 42-second-clip starts with Chris lying asleep on the wooden table, with bottles of drink and mobile phones also on the surface.

The loud noise of the saw can be heard as it slices through the wood nearby his head but despite the sound, Chris remains motionless on the table.

The saw then comes into view from around the back of his head before he momentarily appears to notice something and jolts his head slightly.

This causes his smiling friend to stop and the noise calms down, before Chris puts his head back down.

The loud noise of the saw starts up again and cheering from other friends can be heard as it continues to slice away the table around his head.

The footage ends as the saw eventually cuts through the table completely, causing Chris’ head to suddenly drop and disappear from sight to the sound of laughter from his other friends.

Speaking about the incident, Chris said: “We were having a little party when I must’ve fallen asleep.

“Next thing, bam I hit the deck. I wasn’t best pleased at the time but found the funny side afterwards.”

Facebook users have been quick to react to the crazy footage.

Talek Gerrard wrote: “You think you have it rough when you pass out on the sesh. This man has a chunk of his table missing and probably a broken nose.”

Dawn Parking commented: “Would kill if someone did that to my work top.”

Whilst Anastasia Annie Josephine was concerned and added: “F*****g stupid and dangerous.”

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