Wikipedia edit goes viral after explaining who’s the man and who’s the penguin


A BAGPIPER and a penguin are at the centre of what may be the daftest Wikipedia edit of all time.

A picture on the online encyclopedia shows the piper playing in the frozen wastes of the Antarctic – standing next to a penguin.

Incredibly, the caption was recently edited to point out that the piper is on the “right” of the penguin.

After the bizarre edit was spotted by an eagle-eyed Scot and shared on social media it has been shared and liked tens of thousands of times.

The picture is from 1904, when bagpiper Gilbert Kerr decided to play on Antarctica whilst the ship he was on was stuck in ice.

Alan Ferrier, from Edinburgh, spotted the altered caption and tweeted it with the caption: “Who would have believed that the perfect Wikipedia photo caption could have been improved upon?”

His hilarious tweet has already amassed over 22,000 retweets and nearly 35,000 likes as well as countless comments in the few hours it’s been online.

The first photo shows the bagpiper, dressed in full highland dress playing the pipes next to the penguin in the vast emptiness of Antarctica with the caption: “Piper Kerr, a member of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, plays the bagpipes for an indifferent penguin, March 1904.”

The second picture is exactly the same except the caption begins: “Piper Kerr (right), a member of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition.”

Twitter users have been quick to react to the ludicrous photo guidance.

The wikipedia caption

One user shared an image of a man called Guy Standing sitting down in a chair and wrote: “I was always partial to this one.”

Another commented: “Yes, we need tweets like this to help us through these insane times. Thanks for this. So subtle. So good.”

One wrote: “Being Scottish myself, I love that while packing for the Antarctic, of course you’re bringing bagpipes.”

Whilst another added: “Any penguin voluntarily choosing to stand that close to bagpipes is not indifferent.”

Bagpiper Gilbert Kerr was part of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (SNAE), which carried out scientific and exploration work between 1902 and 1904.

The photo which appears on Wikipedia was taken on March 1904 when the ship was held on pack ice and the crew feared they might become trapped.

However, it eventually broke free and the crew were able to continue their journey, eventually returning home later that summer.

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