Video captures moment innovative man transports tumble dryer home – on his bike


AN INGENIOUS man has been filmed using his bicycle to push around a heavy tumble dryer.

The funny clip shows the creative cyclist balancing the washing appliance on the pedal as he crosses the road.

Captured on camera by Gordon Willoughby in Glasgow at the weekend, the white good appears to be a tumble dryer.

The short, 23-second video shows the machine on the side of the bike with the man pushing it along by the handle bars.

It’s unclear how the dryer is held on to the bike however the innovative cyclist filmed walking beside it can be seen tilting the bike at an angle to balance it.

Gordon, who was visiting the city for the weekend filmed the clip on Pollockshaws Road, on Sunday evening at around 7:30pm.

Posting the video online, Gordon captioned it: “Washing machine on a bike. Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow.”

However, after reviewing the footage Gordon said it appeared to be much lighter than a washing machine.

He said: “I filmed it through the window of the apartment we had rented for the weekend.

“With hindsight it’s unlikely to be a washing machine due to the weight, it’s more likely to be a tumble dryer.

“Initially I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Once I realised what he was doing I got the camera out and took a wee video. I thought it was rather funny.”

Currently the video has received over 150 comments and nearly 800 likes, with

some viewers praising the imaginative transport method.

Lorna Quinn said: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Good on him.”

Andrew Gaylor wrote: “Is it on its spin cycle?”

Marion Mckenzie commented: “Forward thinking. If it gets the job done.”

Eilidh Stewart responded: “Necessity really is the mother of all invention. Fair play to him.”