Moment portable beatbox turns street into dance club


HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment three youngsters party to the Vengaboys in the middle of an housing estate – using a portable beatbox.

At first glance, it appears one of the youngsters is pulling a suitcase down the quiet street as he walks alongside another boy and girl.

However, the sound of 90’s hit ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!’ by Dutch group The Vengaboys blares out and all becomes clear when the group suddenly stop and begin to dance to the club classic.


The dancing youngsters were caught on camera


The funny 17-second-clip was filmed in Ballyfermot in Dublin and uploaded to Twitter last Friday by Peter McFadden.

Peter shared the video with the caption: “Only in Bally’er and no, that’s not a suitcase he’s pulling, it’s a portable speaker. It’s a different world over here.”

His tweet has since been retweeted over 19,700 times with a further 32,480 likes and countless more comments.

The video starts as the young boy, dressed in a red jacket, pulls the large speaker behind him, whilst the girl points to the sky in time with the beat and the other young boys dances in the road.

As they reach the corner of the pavement, the youngster stops and places the speaker before letting go of it and beginning to jive to the Vengaboys’ music.



He’s quickly joined by his two friends who begin to dance along to the famous tune.

As the clip ends, an Audi is forced to change direction slightly as it passes by the other boy who gyrates in the middle of the road.

Fellow Twitter users have been quick to react to the unusual footage.

Declan Pierce wrote: “Greatest video I’ve ever seen on Twitter, god bless you for capturing it.”

Vonnie commented: “I love the fella in the blue and white. It’s like he’s been superglued to the middle of the road and he’s trying desperately to free himself.”

Whilst Linda added: “If this gets the Vengaboys back together I’m loving you forever.”

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