Sunday, August 14, 2022
NewsVideo shows security guard patting down football fans "without touching them"

Video shows security guard patting down football fans “without touching them”

A BIZARRE video shows what could be the world’s most relaxed security guard “patting down” football fans – without appearing to touch them.

In the video, thought to have been filmed at White Hart Lane, before Tottenham’s match with Burnley on Saturday, the seemingly laid-back security official can be seen barely brushing the arms of some supporters, and not touching others at all.

The footage has surfaced just days after a match between German club Borussia Dortmund and Monaco was postponed after an explosion near to a team bus injured a player.

At the start of the clip, the security guard, wearing a fluorescent jacket and blue jacket, can be seen patting down fans.

A screenshot from the video, uploaded by Colin Rowland on to Twitter

As he brings the first fan, an elderly man, forwards, he lightly brushes his arms and his lower torso.

He does the same to the second, but does not even touch the third, before gesturing to him that he can enter the stadium.

Then, he does exactly the same to another woman.

The video has been posted online by various Twitter users this weekend, and has been met with a mixture of hilarity and anger.

Writing on Twitter, Andy Johnston said: “What is the point? His searching is pathetic.”

Craig Dunston added: “Looks more like he is blessing them.”

Michael Pearson wrote: “Shocking isn’t it.”

Ian Campbell quipped: “That’s what i like to see, a guy who takes his job really seriously. F*** me you had one job.”

On Thursday last week, it was reported that Manchester United fans would not be allowed to take bags into Brussels stadium ahead of their Europa League clash with Brussels club Anderlecht.

This came after Borussia Dortmund’s team coach was hit by a bomb attack on Tuesday ahead of the side’s game against AS Monaco.

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