Is this the way to Plockton? Hilarious clip shows Highland cow scratch itself on road sign


A HIGHLAND cow has been caught on camera relieving an itch – using a road sign.

In the comic clip, the beast has stuck its head under the sign in the Highlands and then swings it backwards and forwards.

The cow looks like it can’t decide whether to head right towards the world-famous beauty spot of Plockton or left to Balmacara.

The video, taken Kirsty Fraser in Duirinish, has had 700 likes in the few hours since it was uploaded.

Kirsty, 25, wrote: “Welcome to Duirinish.”

The 10-second clip shows the hairy highlander scratching itself against the sign which reads Balmacara with another two road signs directing towards Plockton and Stromferry.

Another lighter coloured highland bull can be seen standing nearby as the cow scratches the top of her neck

Directly outside someones front gate, the cows are clearly free to wander through the village.

Speaking about the clip Kirsty said: “My friend’s mum owns the cows and she names each of them and they each have characters but this made me laugh.

“The cows roam free in Duirinish during the summer and are really popular and often cause traffic jams.”

Viewer Melonie M. McKinney-Sharp wrote: “Go this way…go that way…lol”

Drew Marshall commented: “Trying to make up his mind which way to go.”

Craig Smith said: “I’ve seen a nodding dog but not a nodding cow”

Bonnie McAdam replied: “That’s a wonderful welcoming committee.”

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