Moment foreign lorry sideswipes family car in M1 roadworks


THE driver of a foreign-registered HGV sideswipes a family saloon car and almost causes a motorway pileup in a shocking dashcam video.

The near-disaster on the M1 happened as the HGV and car made their way side-by-side through roadworks.

Possibly because the driver of the Lithuanian lorry was sat on the left hand side of the cab, he did not see the car in his blindspot.

The dramatic clip shows the HGV pull out to the right and straight into the side of the car, which takes emergency evasive action.

The lorry starts snaking wildly, threatening to go out of control, before the driver gets the situation under control.


The driver almost caused a motorway accident


The near-miss has caused debate online among viewers, with some arguing it was the car driver at fault for remaining alongside the HGV.

Filmed by dash-cam owner James Cooper, the incident happened near Nottingham on Tuesday last week.

At the start of the clip the dark coloured Saab can be seen travelling alongside the lorry and slowly overtaking.

Road-signs on the left of the screen are seen indicating a speed limit of 50mph through the road-works, with the outer lane coned off and traffic using the hard-shoulder.

As the Saab approaches the front right corner of the lorry’s cabin, the truck indicates to overtake – unware of the car next to it.

The lorry collides into the side of the black car, almost causing it to spin in front of the HGV and across traffic.

Amazingly the Saab manages to keep control as the lorry brakes and veers back into its lane – almost coping its trailer as smoke billows from the tyres.



The Saab quickly moves off the road and hits a traffic cone as it comes to a stop with the lorry indicating to move behind the traffic cones and follow the dash-cam car and Saab.

According to James, the HGV was from Lithuania and left-hand drive, making it even more difficult to see the overtaking vehicle.

Posting the video online, James said: “This happened in front on me last Tuesday. M1 southbound just passed J25 in the 50MPH zone.

“Lithuanian left hand drive HGV changed lanes and couldn’t see or wasn’t aware the Saab was in his blind spot.

“No injuries and neither party involved police. HGV driver was very apologetic and admitted fault.”

The footage has now caused a debate online over who was at fault, with some viewers suggesting the car should have moved out of the lorry’s blind spot sooner.

Others have defended the Saab driver, highlighting that it is the HGVs responsibility to check their blind spot.

One viewer wrote: “The Saab had nothing in front off it. So why did he overtake the truck at a steady pace and then ease off when by the cab, surely if had kept at the same speed that he was travelling at during the overtake he would have passed with ease and avoid being hit.”

Another said: “Never ever, ever sit in that position with an HGV. It’s the blind spot. Either drop back or pull forward a bit.”]

One person commented: “Technically Lorries fault it’s up to the lorry to ensure it is safe to move over. Although the car was stupid enough to remain in the blind spot. Even worse it being a foreign lorry with left hand drive.”

With another viewer responding: “This is entirely the trucker’s fault. However any sane car driver wouldn’t be sitting there. Really quite stupid indeed.”