Moment 32 tonne lorry narrowly avoids ploughing into the side of a 4×4 caught on camera


A JAW-DROPPING dash cam clip shows the moment a 32 tonne lorry narrowly avoids smashing into a 4×4.

The astonishing near miss shows the HGV being forced to take evasive action as a Nissan Navara pulls out of a junction and almost collides with another car.

Caught on camera by truck driver Boyd Forrest near Wilkieston, in Edinburgh last month, the lorry’s side camera shows the 4×4 by just a few inches away.

Incredibly, as the Nissan appears to pull out of the junction along the 50mph road without seeing the lorry or the other car before slamming on the brakes, blocking the lane the lorry is in.

At the start of the heart-stopping clip the dash cam vehicle is seen travelling up the hill, approaching the junction at around 38mph.

The black Nissan comes into view as it approaches the junction around 100 metres ahead of the fully laden lorry.

However, instead of stopping at the crossroad, the 4×4 carries on and pulls out infront of the lorry, trying to join the lane travelling in the opposite direction.

Credit: Boyd Forrest

Incredibly, the Nissan almost collides with another car and is forced to stop directly infront of the lorry.

With almost no time to react, Boyd swerves into the junction the Nissan had just pulled out from and barely avoids smashing into the side of it with the side camera of the lorry showing the 4×4 just inches away.

Posting the clip online, Boyd said: “If myself or the car coming the other way was a motorcycle they would have been dead as not seeing a 32t truck and a car what chance has he of seeing a motorcycle.”

Currently the video has received over 220 likes and nearly 200 comments, most condemning the Nissan drivers actions.

Joe Emmanuel wrote: “Brilliant driving skill and reaction. He obviously didn’t realise lorry is harder to stop. Dumb move.”

Wayne Marriott said: “Well done. What an idiot.”

Jack Webster commented: “Bravo matey! Had a mini panic attack just watching the video! Can’t imagine how that one would have felt for you!”

Aden Bufton responded: “Fair play to you mate. Takes some sort of skill to swerve like that in a 32t truck”

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