Mein Camp: Glittery tote bag appears to promote Hitler


AN ONLINE shop has become the butt of jokes after producing a bag that appears to say “My favourite colour is Hitler.”

Quotable Life is a US company which creates items such as t-shirts, mugs and bags with famous quotes on them.

However, the font on their tote bag design makes it seem like the German dictator is a favourite colour, despite it being supposed to read: “Glitter is my favourite colour.”

The faux pas was spotted by a Twitter user known as “hurlarious” who shared a screengrab of the item with the caption: “my fave colour is also Hitler.”

Twitter user Hurlarious noticed the faux pas

It is not clear if the image in the tweet has been altered, as it features a small letter ‘g’, which makes it look much more like the ‘H’ at the start of Hitler.

The website currently features a capital ‘G’, which makes it much more clear what the writing on the bag is supposed to say.

The tweet has since been retweeted over 33,000 times with over 106,000 likes and countless more comments from fellow Twitter users.

“How did the designers Nazi that?” one Twitter user joked

Hurlarious himself joked: “waking up to see the führer this tweet has created.”

Fatima wrote: “This makes me Fuhrious.”

Alan commented: “Oh wow. How did nobody check that?”

Whilst Morganne added: “How did the designers Nazi that.”

A spokeswoman for Quotable Life said: “To anyone who saw our tote bag blunder, I want to say I am so sorry for any unintended reference seen in our design.


“We made a mistake when designing this 3 years ago, plain and simple. After almost 20 years of being a designer, I still make mistakes. Sometimes you look at something so long, that you don’t see it with fresh eyes.

“To demonstrate our commitment to running a clean, family-oriented business based on respect for all, we are donating 300% of all proceeds ever received from the sale of our discontinued glitter tote bag to the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.”

It’s not the first time font style has caused confusion between Hitler and glitter.

Earlier this year, social media users were divided on greetings cards on sale in Next, with some believing the ‘Glitter is my favourite colour’ could be read as ‘Hitler is my favourite colour’”.

The pink card was emblazoned with large, glitter writing which was mistaken by some for the name of the deceased Nazi party leader.