New game discovered in West Yorks nightclub – snogging bingo


A HILARIOUS picture has captured an inventive new dating game in West Yorkshire – snogging bingo.

Christopher Armytage was on a night out in Atik, Halifax, when he bumped into two girls – who were fully prepared with laminated bingo cards and whiteboard pens.

The girls explained that the aim of the game was to get a full house by snogging everyone who fitted one of the assigned categories.

The 12 categories took in hair colour – including a “ginger” – height, specific names such as James, Jack or Joe, and ‘someone’s relative’.

They even included categories for an ethnic minority, a girl and ‘someone’s boyfriend’ on the list.

Christopher Armytage uploaded the picture with the caption: “Met two girls in Atik playing ‘Atik bingo’. The aim of the game was to get off with people that fit the categories and whoever got the most wins.”

Christopher, 19, explained: “I noticed they had the laminated cards and asked what they were.

“I’m not entirely sure how the game came about but the cards were laminated and they each had a whiteboard pen so obviously some thought had gone into it.”

Twitter users were quick to respond to the post and not everyone was pleased with the girls’ tactics.

Elona commented: “It was funny until I read ‘someone’s boyfriend’.”

Chris replied: “I didn’t make the game up, I just documented my findings.”

Martha added: “‘Someone’s boyfriend’ snakey whoever it is.”

However, other users were impressed by the girls’ forward-planning.

Joshua Luke Charles added: “They’re fooking laminated haha!”

Chris later replied: “Mate I was well impressed at the effort they had gone to!”

TheOnlyWayIsCharlie commented: “Mate we got to do this.”

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