Is Alex Salmond the face of Alaska Airlines?


SOCIAL media users reckon they’ve spotted a remarkable similarity between a grinning face painted on the tails of Alaska Airlines jets – and Alex Salmond.

The former First Minister shares an uncanny resemblance with an Eskimo who graces the tails of over 150 aircraft.

Alaska Airlines’ – who fly to 60 cities in north America – recently gave their tail art a makeover.

Is Alex Salmond featured on Alaska Airlines jets?

And social media users reckon the beaming gentleman is a doppelganger for the former MP for Gordon – right down to his allegedly smug grin.

Reddit user luv2belis posted a snapshot of one of the aeroplanes with the caption: “I had no idea Alex Salmond was the face of Alaska airlines.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the post with their own theories.

Lucindawilliams said: “For many years, I assumed it was Abraham Lincoln.”

Saltireblack added: “Looks more like yon UKIP guy David Cockburn…”

Thecheebssqueefer commented: “Sure it’s not Limburger from The Biker Mice From Mars.”

While tmc_throwaway said simply: “Inuit! (I knew it!)”

Alex Salmond

Alaska is the largest and most sparsely populated state in the US, and a whopping 3,943 miles (6,346 km) from Salmond’s home town of Linlithgow in West Lothian.

The Eskimo’s identity is a mystery in itself, and he has been mistaken for a famous face on more than one occasion.

According to the company’s website over the years he has been mistakenly identified as Jimi Hendrix, Abraham Lincoln, Bob Marley, a lion and Johnny Cash.

Is Alex Salmond featured on Alaska Airlines jets?


  1. The story I heard was that it is an image of an Inuit man from Kotzebue. He was called Chester and was known for greeting all the Alaska Airlines’ flights that arrived at Kotz.

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