Bridge tourists and lorry breakdown create huge jams at Queensferry Crossing


The £1.3bn Queensferry Crossing was gridlocked on its first full day as a result of a lorry breakdown and bridge “tourists” desperate to cross the bridge.
Tailbacks left morning commuters stuck in six miles of heavy traffic and things were not much better come lunch time, with delays expected to continue into the evening.
The first vehicles crossed the bridge at around 2am this morning (WED), but after that those hoping for a quick journey across were disappointed.
By around 6.40am congestion had started, and more problems arose on the new bridge when a lorry broke down at around 7am.
This caused even longer delays, as Traffic Scotland tweeted that the lorry was: “Mostly on hard shoulder but bum sticking out…slightly!”
Then, just before 8am this morning, (WED) Traffic Scotland tweeted a warning to commuters of extensive tailbacks and that a 40mph speed limit had been put in place.

Those hoping to cross the Queensferry crossing on its opening day faced hour long queues

Those travelling southbound were waiting in almost six miles of traffic as far back as Halbeath.
Those heading north weren’t much better off, waiting almost as far back as Kirkliston in 5 miles of traffic.
At 2.30pm today, queues heading south still stretched for around four miles.
The volume of commuters has been so heavy that Traffic Scotland posted a video on twitter warning road users to plan ahead and prepare for the evening rush hour.
Stein Connelly, of Transport Scotland, speaking in the video, said: “A lot of people are still coming along, quite understandable that they want to drive across the bridge and experience the new Queensferry crossing, look at the structure, see what it looks like as you drive across and thats quite understandable.
“We ask that you plan ahead. We’re going into a PM peak now and these queues haven’t dissipated from this morning.
“If you do want to come and see the bridge, try and come at a quieter time.”
A Transport Scotland spokesman said: “The bridge itself remained free flowing despite an early breakdown. The driver involved was able to make use of the new hard shoulder and was assisted off the bridge by our Trunk Road Incident Support Service.
“As predicted, due to the popularity of this new bridge, there are large additional volumes of traffic on the Queensferry Crossing with drivers wanting to experience the new bridge for themselves, in addition to the normal morning commuter traffic.
“Although we are aware of delays on approach roads to the Crossing, these are mainly down to the volume of traffic and drivers getting used to the new road layout.”

Road users travelling southbound and northbound faced almost 6 miles of traffic queues

Commuters took to social media to vent their frustration and were quick to criticise those making the journey unnecessarily.
Elaine Thompson said: “Absolute shambles. Stuck on A904 for 40 minutes so far trying to get to work in Fife! Why? Why? Why? Can Queensferry Crossing not cope?”
Steven William said: “Obviously it’s extra people. Idiots. Why can’t people wait until after rush hour?”
Jacqueline Hunter said: “Today’s major irritation: people crossing the #QueensferryCrossing today ‘for the experience’. Please do that outwith peak commuting times.”
Pete Robertson joked: “Massive thanks to the thousands that decided a “nice trip” over new bridge at peak time would be a good idea.”
Scotland_future added: “We need to get#bridgetourists trending.”
Others were much more relaxed about the first days delays.
Helen Hart commented: “Maybe like us, people just want to have a look at the magnificent structure and drive across.”
While user BDM said: “Everything will eventually calm down in time, but I must admit I went for a drive over it after my night shift. It’s a thing of beauty.”

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