Shocked burger lover finds guilt-trip note from dead cow inside packet


A SUPERMARKET customer got a nasty surprise when she opened a packet of burgers with a message hidden inside from the cow saying: “You killed me.”

Camilla Moser found the guilt-inducing note hidden underneath the external wrapping on the Sainbury’s burgers.

The Londoner was confronted with a picture of the deceased cow and text which read: “My name was Chloe, I wanted to live. Your ‘personal choice’ killed me! Don’t buy it!”

The 25-year-old advertising executive believes the supermarket’s packaging plant may have been ‘infiltrated’ because the note was slipped in between the products outer packaging and cellophane.

Camilla, who bought the Taste the Difference burgers for £3 from her local Fulham store, posted a short clip of her unpleasant surprise to the supermarket’s Facebook page.

She appears to be the latest victim of animal rights activists, who have been putting anti-meat messages on top of supermarket products and shelves.

Camilla’s video shows the activits are getting craftier by hiding the messages inside products after supermarket staff cracked down on their more obvious activities.

Camilla took to the Sainsbury’s Facebook page to complain

Camilla posted a short clip to Sainsbury’s Facebook page on Sunday (SEPT 24) with the caption: “I didn’t think opening my burgers this evening would be a meet and greet! FYI!”

The short video begins by showing a packet of beef burgers. Camilla then flips the lid open to reveal the message left to her by a crafty campaigner.

The note featured a picture of a distressed looking cow, which seems to be in an abattoir.
Camilla, speaking today (WED) said: “The sticker was stuck behind the sainsburys packaging but above the cellophane suggesting someone had infiltrated the distribution or packing centre.

Social media users poked fun at the incident

“It was a sticker under the paper wrapper but on top of the plastic cellophane. I didn’t see it until it was open. It was quite neatly under the Sainsbury’s description so i assumed it was an inside job.

“I was shocked, as has been everyone i’ve told since. As i said to Sainsbury’s, I wasn’t expecting a meet and greet when cooking up my evening meal.”

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s replied to Camilla’s post. He said: “Sorry about this Camilla! Could you confirm which store you got these from please? I’ll look into this for you. Thanks, Sam.”

They also added that they would reimburse Camilla in Nectar points for the cost of the burgers.

On social media, Kev Owen wrote: “Yes, vegans…the original nut jobs. They’re getting worse than Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

Richard Devlin added: “Vegans I’ll be bound.”

While others simply found it hilarious.

Emma Price said:”Hope Chloe tasted good and juicy!”

While Fraser Gibson joked: “I hope you ate the burgers or else Chloe’s death was for nothing.”

Sainsbury’s apologised to Camilla and have said they are looking into the incident

Vegan activist Marc Gurney, from Brighton, East Sussex, has been waging war on meat eaters by placing similar graphic stickers on supermarket food.

In an attempt to guilt trip shoppers out of buying animal products he used a range of stickers, one of which read: “By eating me you will cause another of my kind to be killed.”

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury’s said: “We have apologised to Camilla and are investigating.”