Grieving dad launches petition for tragic Shaun Woodburn – reaching 10k in 10 hours


THE GRIEVING father of tragic Shaun Woodburn has launched a petition urging the government to give his son’s killer a longer sentence – attracting over 10,000 signatures in just ten hours.

Kevin Woodburn launched the petition, Justice for Shaun Woodburn, late last night (WED) after hearing his son’s killer had been sentenced to just four years imprisonment.

The 17-year-old schoolboy, who can’t be named for legal reasons, kicked the father-of-one’s head “like a football” outside a pub in Edinburgh on Hogmanay.

Shaun, 30, suffered serious head injuries and later died in hospital.

Yesterday Judge Lady Stacey sentenced the youth to just four years – a decision that Kevin described as a “sledgehammer blow”.

Outraged Kevin last night launched the petition, Justice for Shaun Woodburn, urging that the Scottish Government appeal the decision to get justice for his son.

He wrote: “Please support this petition to appeal the sentences given today by Lady Stacey in the case of my son Shaun Woodburn.

“Shaun was killed in a needless act of violence and if you agree that a four year custodial sentence with an 18 month supervisory order does not represent justice then please support our petition to the First Minister of Scotland, the Justice Minister for Scotland and finally the Lord Advocate.

“Help us get justice for Shaun Woodburn and tell the authorities that this is not acceptable justice.”

Kevin has earlier posted on Twitter: “I publicly ask Lady Stacey to meet with me and my family to justify this disgraceful sentence.

“Explain how my sons life is worth only four years punishment pls Lady Stacey.
“A catalogue of violence and one goes free one a service order and the killer 4 years. #share justiceforshaun

He also retweeted a post directed at Nicola Sturgeon which said: “@NicolaSturgeon get your office to investigate and get the crown office to appeal. Four years is a joke.

The petition has already had a massive reaction from supporters – attracting hundreds of comments in just ten hours.

Ruth Thompson wrote: “I wholeheartedly support this petition. The sentence was and is an absolute disgrace. It laughs at the system as we call it.

“Please change things. There is obviously no deterrent.

“At least he’ll have three square meals a day and not to mention visits from his family.
“Poor man’s family have nothing other than memories bless you.”

Gerry Guthrie wrote: “Our youngsters should be free to roam our streets without fear of idiots who committed this crime being a threat to our youngsters lives.”

Jodie Dreighan said: “Four years is a complete and utter let down to both Shaun’s family and friends.

“Those youths spent that night terrorising people and ended in this horrendous fatal attack on Shaun.

“It sends a message to others that this type of behaviour can be done with only the fear of a short time behind bars.

And Elizabeth Stewart wrote: “A four year sentence is just disgusting for what he did to Shaun, take a life means do life. This family have been failed by everyone.”

On the night the teenage youth killed Shaun him and a group of friends had randomly assaulted strangers who were out enjoying New Year’s Eve celebrations in the capital.
The same group then went on to brawl outside the Gladstone’s Bar in Leith – resulting in Shaun’s death.

The teen was sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow yesterday (WED) and was convicted of a reduced charge of culpable homicide.

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