Revolting moment Scots lads on holiday serve up poo in a pizza box to hungover pal


*Warning: Graphic Content

SCOTTISH lads have pulled off one of the grossest pranks ever – by giving a hungover pal a poo in a pizza box.

A stomach-churning video shows one of the jokers handing the closed box to an under-the-weather friend resting on a bed.

The victim drags himself upright, looking forward to his hangover cure, and flips open the box.

What Callum Thomson finds inside is so horrible he doesn’t know how to react for a second. The 19-year-old then throws the box on the floor and slumps back with the words: “That’s f****** digusting.”

The vile video was filmed during a boys’ holiday in Magaluf, Majorca, this summer but has only now made its way on to social media.

Callum, from Edinburgh, was soaking up the sun with friends James Summers, 18, and Alex McNeill, 20, also from the city.

At the start of the video, James, who provided the raw ingredients for the “snack”, can be heard singing in the background.

Callum yells “James, shut the f*** up” as his friend walks into the bedroom clutching the pizza box.

Callum Thomson was the victim of a horrible prank – which surely didn’t help his hangover

Callum then asks James to “Give us a wee bit?” before exclaiming “Yaaas, you’re a ledge” as he gets his hands on the box.

He is then completely stunned by the contents and tosses the box away amid sniggers.

Alex, who filmed the trick, turns the camera to the box and opens the lid to reveal its revolting contents.

Speaking today (TUES), Alex said: “I couldn’t believe it, it was so funny and disgusting at the same time.

“It was on holiday in Magaluf in the hotel room in the summer. We chucked it in the bin outside the hotel afterwards.”

Video below: Viewer discretion advised

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