Human sausage dog goes viral after birthday snap gives him weirdly long back


A SCOT has been branded a “human sausage dog” after a candid snap appeared to give him a freakishly long back.

Darren Fox posed for the snap with pals at an 18th birthday party and immediately noticed how weirdly long his back appeared to be.

The 22-year-old year decided to have some fun with the picture and photoshopped himself into a surfboard, ironing board and dining table.

The Sainsbury’s worker from Edinburgh has had thousands of likes on Twitter with his joke pictures and social media users have joined in.

Darren posted his images with the caption: “Just got sent this photo fae Saturday hahaha wtf? Straight back jack man.”

He added in the comments: “I was honestly looking at it for ages when I first saw it, like surely this is edited.”

Popular Facebook page Glasgow Gospel also ran with the joke and reposted the images with the caption: “Built like a surfboard.”

One social media user copied Darren’s image onto the end of a pool cue, while another added in a sad-looking dog doing the toilet onto his back.

And user Paul Bono Hewson photoshopped Darren’s torso to be even longer, making him almost look like a caterpillar, and multiple users replied with images of sausage dogs.

Angus Donald joked: “Backs longer than a week in the jail.”

Lyle Cantley added: “Surfing USA.”

Michael wrote: “The longest back I’ve ever seen.”

Brooke Fraser said simply: “I can’t stop looking at this.”

George Fox commented: “The original is still the funniest man.”

Darren, speaking today, said: “I was the one who photoshopped them. It was my mate Taylor who first sent me the photo in the group chat and told me I looked like I had a back like an ironing board.

“So the first thing I edited was someone ironing on my back then started getting other photoshop ideas after that.”

When asked if the first picture is in fact real, Darren insisted it is and said: ” I think it’s just the way the photo was taken because my backs not that long in real life.”

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