Mum creates amazing Harry Potter bedroom for boys – while she should be recovering from surgery


A PAIR of Harry Potter-mad brothers have gone viral after their mum spent a month turning their bedroom into a shrine to the boy wizard.

Mairi Morrison pulled off the feat just after she was discharged from hospital following surgery and was ordered to rest.

Kerr, 10, and Callan, 6, were “desperate” for a Harry Potter-themed room so Mairi, from Glasgow, used the time to deliver their wish.

The supposedly recuperating 36-year-old spent hours painting, sewing and crafting – even making her own “winged keys” to hang from the ceiling for her sons.

The bedroom features mounted broomsticks on the walls, a caged white Owl as homage to hedwig and a Hogwarts Express sign hanging above the boys’ window.

Mairi made sure to be thorough, with every inch of the room covered in memorabilia and nods to the famous wizard.

The room has plastic storage tubs emblazoned with “expecto patronum” and“wingardium leviosa”, matching Griffindor outfits for both boys hanging on the back of their door, and wanted posters for the characters framed on the wall.

Mairi posted a series of pictures of the boys’ room to a Facebook budget DIY page, and social media users went wild for it.

The mum-of-three’s post now has over 7,400 likes and users have been praising her designs.

Mairi used red brick style wallpaper to give the room the feel of King’s Cross, and hung a sign for platform 9 and ¾ over the window.

A picture of a Harry Potter themed room- Deadline News Entertainment News Scotland
Mairi has created a Harry Potter wonderland for two sons, Kerr and Callan

She didn’t stop there, with Harry Potter books, memorabilia, bed covers, calendars – and even a pinboard with a letter addressed to “Mr H Potter, The Cupboard under the Stairs” pinned to it.

Even the under bed storage matches up with the wizardly theme – transformed into suitcases and storage boxes branded as “Hogwarts school”.

The boys’ lightswitch even reads “Nox” and “Lumos” and the curtains have lightning bolts and footprints – a nod to the marauders map – which Mairi added herself.

The thrifty mum posted the pictures with the caption: “My boys (aged 6 and 10 and who share a room) were desperate for a Harry Potter bedroom.

“It has been literally blood sweat and tears while recovering from an operation. I am obviously a glutton for punishment. I spent lots of hours painting, sewing, crafting, and more painting, but it’s finally done and my boys are thrilled with their little HP haven.

“Mischief managed.”

Mairi said the idea for the room came after her sons pestered her for months, and a mishap with a sticky lego track at Christmas meant the room would have to be redecorated anyway.

Speaking today, Mairi said: “Honestly, it just sort of happened. I never really ‘planned’ it out as much, I just knew what would go together and knew what my boys would like.

A photo of two boys dressed in Harry Potter outfits- Entertainment News Scotland
Kerr and Callan show off their Harry Potter costumes

“I made the winged keys myself – I bought the cheap keys off eBay, printed out a template of the wings and traced them with an ultra fine sharpie pen onto overhead projector paper. Then I cut them out and glued them onto the wings then hung up with fine invisible thread… that part was not fun.

“The wooden crates are all plain pine crates from Ikea which I painted and dark waxed to make them look old.

“The bird cage was an amazing find on a second hand facebook selling page, it was green wood so I painted it with different types of paint to make it look like old metal, added the owl I got in the sale for £2.50 and some wire lights.”

She added: “My boys absolutely love it. Kerr says I’m now a fully fledged pure blood witch, and Callan says I’m the best as I put fairy lights on the underside of the top bunk slats. He says it’s like he’s “sleeping under the stars”. What more can you ask for?”

Mairi isn’t sure how much the total cost of her renovation was, but says she stuck to a tight budget.

Social media users went wild for the bespoke room.

Ruby Smart said: “Amazing room you done a great job.”

Melanie Phipps added: “Wow truly amazing.”

While Mark William Collins commented: “Spectacular.”

And Melanie Davison said: “Omg I think this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”