Disgusted ScotRail customer posts pic of used condom left on seat


A REVOLTED ScotRail passenger has posted a picture of a used condom left on a seat.

David Gilmour was travelling from Edinburgh to Balloch, West Dunbartonshire, when he noticed the “wee present” apparently missed by cleaning staff.

David, who travelled on Friday night, took a picture of the offending object and posted it to ScotRail’s Facebook page.

He wrote: “@ScotRail many thanks for leaving this wee present on your Edinburgh to Balloch train.

“I would expect this on a number two bus for f***’s sake. And, aye, before you ask, aye it’s been used.”

On social media, Alan Gordon Gentleman responded: “That’s cracking. I’m constantly surprised by ScotRail going that extra mile to provide first class to its passengers.

“Such a thoughtful gift for you to take home and cherish your memories of a wonderful journey.”

ScotRail’s Facebook page is full of angry commuters complaining about the cleanliness of trains.

On February 7, Sophie Gray posted a picture of an “absolutely disgusting” pair of seats and the floor covered in dried mud on her Edinburgh to Tweedbank train.

A REVOLTED ScotRail passenger has posted a picture of a used condom left on a seat.

On February 2, Lucy Thompson, travelling from Glasgow to Inverness, posted a picture of a headrest that she described as “thick with dirt”.

In January Scotrail increased their fair prices for peak time commuters by 3.6 percent. The biggest increase in five years.

A ScotRail Alliance spokesman said: “Our trains are cleaned regularly but we ask that anyone who sees an unhygienic item on one of our trains alerts a member of train or station staff immediately so that it can be safely removed.”

Mr Gilmour, 31, from Glasgow said: “At first I had to have a double take at it to make I was seeing correctly.

“It made me chuckle at first and, to be honest, I’m not surprised it’s on the train with our level of public transport.

“It is pretty disgusting, especially as there were young kids and a family sitting on seats two behind it.”

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