Moment young Celtic fan torn away from celebrations by his mum – because he had an exam the next day


VIDEO shows a young Celtic fan’s Old Firm victory celebration cut short by his mum – who orders him out of the pub to get ready for an exam the next day.

The hilarious clip shows Conor Larkman, 22, thoroughly enjoying a post-match drink at a pub near his home in Fauldhouse, West Lothian, on Sunday evening.

But Conor’s delight at his team thrashing Rangers 5-0 risked getting in the way of a barbering exam he was due to sit the following day.

The 22-year-old got a telling off for his antics that friends found hilarious.

Conor’s dad dutifully went home but the lad himself decided to stay at the bar, incurring the wrath of his mum, Janice.

She marched down to the Commercial Inn and instructed her wayward son to leave.

Pal Michael Duffy captured the moment, and uploaded the video with the caption: “When yer maw comes to pick you up from the pub.”

The hilarious 19-second clip has already had a staggering 184,000 views since it was uploaded.

The clip begins with Michael walking around what appears to be the back of the Commercial Inn.

Conor and his mum appear to be in the middle of an argument, as Michael approaches and shouts: “When your maw comes to get you.”

Conor and his mum both burst out laughing, but that doesn’t last long as the pair continue to argue, and Conor refuses to go home.

The student’s mum can then be heard saying disapprovingly: “You’ve got an exam tomorrow, move your a***.”

However, this doesn’t appear to phaze Conor who bounds off into the crowd at the pub while his unimpressed mum says: “That’s not funny. Come on.”

The clip ends as the rowdy footie fan tries to head back into the pub, but Conor was taken up the road shortly afterwards.

Hilariously, Conor appears to have suffered from an awful hangover, tweeting early Monday morning: “I think I’ve broke me body.”

Speaking today, Michael said: “He stays five minutes away, he was supposed to head up the road with his auld man a wee while before, but said no. So his maw was sent down.

“He was taken up the road.

“We were celebrating after the game and he’s actually a barber so it must’ve been something to do with that

“I think he made it but I’m not sure how he got on though.”

On social media, David Goldie said: “Class.”

The young man tweeted saying he thought he was broken the day after.

Eranderson joked: “Nae chance of getting a wife.”

Robyn Henderson tagged a friend and wrote: “Hahaha this is you and your mum.”

Casslogann wrote: “No that’s actually my ma.”

While Cara said simply: “Omg.”


Conor said today: “My mum came in because my pals had recorded me jumping on to a bin cause I was steaming.

“She saw it and came got me. I told her I was walking up but I was still at the pub.”

Asked how his exam went, Conor replied: “Aye I had an exam the next day and didn’t get much done.”

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