Motor-mad couple use dye-filled tyre to reveal baby gender


A MOTORSPORT-mad Scottish couple used a dye-filled tyre to reveal the gender of their baby to family and friends.

Dramatic footage shows the air filed with pinkish-red smoke as the tyres burned out and family members can be heard shouting “it’s a girl!” in excitement.

Ryan and Carla-Jane Fraser, from Lochgelly, Fife, are expecting a new addition to their family and wanted to surprise their relatives with an inventive reveal.

Ryan, 34, and Carla-Jane, 32, say the family is filled with boys – so when they found out they were expecting the family’s first girl, they knew they had to go big.

The couple ordered a £115 tyre from a Polish firm and had it delivered, before gathering family and friends at their home on September 2 (SUN) – some of whom had come over all the way from Canada.

While most were expecting a simple announcement, Ryan and Carla-Jane, who is 22 weeks pregnant, wanted to make the event fun and stand out.

Speaking today, Ryan said: “It’s totally different, not a lot of people have done it, and that’s why we wanted to. The family is just full of boys, so when we found out we were having a girl we knew we had to make it special.

“We ordered the tyre from Poland and it arrived within a few weeks.

“We just told everyone to come to the house, I think they were expecting a cake or maybe something simple. We even had family come over from Canada, but we didn’t give anything away.

“They certainly weren’t expecting me to be revving away in the drive and filling it with smoke.

“There’s still a three foot circle of dye on my driveway, I’ve used petrol and everything on it to get it off, but some of it is still there.”