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The Benefits of using Dolphin Pool Vacuum Cleaners


Dolphin has been the world’s choice for cleaning residential and commercial swimming pools for 35 years. This high-tech pool cleaning machine is suitable and brings peace of mind, knowing that your pool will be sparkling clean. Dolphin pool cleaners are an efficient and affordable method for cleaning a pool. Here are some of the benefits of using Dolphin pool cleaners.

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners generate their power from a standard outlet as they have their pool purification system unlike pressure and sunction pool cleaners. Dolphin robots pick up dirt from water and at the same time scrubs the floor of the pool. The robot cleans walls and waterline using an innovative pool brushing method.

1. The pool robots – It’s frustrating when using other pool robots that move aimlessly without cleaning all areas of the pool. But, with Dolphin, you are sure of a sparkling pool since its smart software allows it to rotate, and clean all areas of the pool. The pool robot marks your pool layout, detects hindrances like ladders, and selects the best cleaning technique.

2. Flexibility – the Dolphin, has a single button plug and play which is flexible to use. You will not have to deal with messy pipes, baskets or pool filters. All you have to do is to plug-in the button, press power, and the dolphin will do all the cleaning work in your pool.

3. Connecting Dolphin to a Smartphone – You can connect Dolphin robots to your smartphone using Bluetooth tools, which will enable you to monitor your Dolphin to ensure all areas in your pool are clean, and no problem arises in the process. You can also program weekly cleaning cycles through the same technology.

4. Flexible Design – The Dolphin’s design makes it easy to clean and maintain. In case you need to repair one, it will only take about 15 minutes to fix the problem. However, you can use your warranty for the technicians to diagnose and repair the damage.

5. End of tangling – Establishing a long-lasting relationship with a close brick-and-mortar shop of Dolphin pool vacuum cleaners, allows you to do numerous things as they assist you. This will show your support of growing business since you will be playing an active role in building the community. You will also boost your local community’s economic growth.

6. Top Level Pool Cleaners – It is not a must for you to buy a Dolphin robot online. Most Pool stores have many Dolphin pool cleaners from right from the advanced, deluxe, and premium class. The price of these high-rated units will offer you great value for your expenditure. Infact local retailers understand the climate changes in your area, your pool’s design, and other circumstances which will determine the choice for the best robotic cleaner for your pool.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a commercial or a residential pool owner. The most important thing is for you to swim in the cleanest, sparkling and harmless pool water any time. To this time, many residential and commercial properties across the globe are trusting and using Dolphin to clean their pools. The next time you are in a store and you are not sure which pool cleaner to select, hope this article will help you choose the right pool cleaner.

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