TUI trolled for third time in seven months over bacon ciabatta that looks nothing like brochure snap

The sad looking snack was slightly less appealing than advertised.

TUI have been accused of their most hilarious fail yet when it comes to delivering a bacon ciabatta that lives up to the sumptuous brochure image.

A customer known as @nips118 posted a snap of his £4 snack showing a tiny piece of insipid-looking bacon on a lightly buttered roll.

The unappetising meal is about as far removed as it’s possible to imagine from the brochure picture, which shows a beautifully-grilled ciabatta crammed with delicious-looking bacon.

It is third time in seven months that disgruntled customers have shamed TUI over their failure to deliver a decent bacon ciabatta.

@nips118, known as Nile, from Worksop, Nottinghamshire, flew from Alicante to the UK on April 6.

Like many hungry customers, he was seduced by TUI’s promise of “unsmoked bacon in a buttered-stone-baked ciabatta roll. Ketchup available.”

Nile believed that this was the treat he would receive as he jet off into the sun.

He posted the grim reality the same day with the caption:: “Hi – I’ve been to Benidorm for the last 7 days and I wanted some proper nice food on the plane, so I ordered a ciabatta with bacon.

“Not the best would you agree.”

The bacon in Nile’s ciabatta covers barely half the surface area of the roll and the spread is so thin as to be barely discernable.

The snap reveals that Nile had taken a bite but it’s not clear if he bothered to finish.

TUI responded online: “Sorry to hear that you’ve had cause to make a complaint about the meal you purchased on board with us.”

TUI invited Nile to contact them by email if he wished to make any further comment.

In March this year, a customer known only as David, returning home from Marrakech publicly complained about the “pig’s ear” TUI had made of his ciabatta.

David said the meat in the roll made “wafer thin bacon look thick-cut”.

And Lee Carter, from Cheshire, complained last September that the ciabatta purchased on his flight was also below par.

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