Returning holidaymaker checks dashcam and watches airport parking driver almost cause crash


A FURIOUS holidaymaker has released video he claims shows his car being driven dangerously by an airport parking firm.

James Burnham left his car with a meet and greet company at Manchester Airport before jetting off to Budapest for five days.

But when James, 21, got back and checked his dashcam he was appalled by what he found.

The security guard from Wrexham, Clwyd, watched as the driver taking his Skoda Fabia to the parking area on May 19 performed a dangerous right turn across traffic.

James posted the clip to social media on Sunday with the caption: “Not my driving. Yes this is my car, and also my dashcam. When we went to go to Budapest last month we used Executive Airport Parking Manchester to take my car at the terminal and park it for the duration of the holiday.

“I reviewed the footage as I fitted my dashcam just two days before this, and was disappointed to see a driver treat my car like this.

“Cutting somebody up to the point you can see the nose dive on the Golf.”

James claims other parts of the video “show them speeding, doing 40+ in 30 zones, ragging the car along dirt tracks to their compound riddled with potholes”.

The clip shows heavy traffic in the opposite lane as James’ car approaches the junction.

 James claims other parts of the video "show them ragging the car along dirt tracks to their compound riddled with potholes"
James claims other parts of the video “show them ragging the car along dirt tracks to their compound riddled with potholes”

The driver swerves sharply across the line of traffic, coming very close to colliding with a black VW Golf which appears to be forced to brake sharply. it appears the driver put on loud rap music for the trip to the parking area.

One user commented under James’ post saying: “I won’t use any meet and greet services.

“I’d rather pay the additional cost and leave my car in the multi story and take my keys with me. In my job I’ve come across some storage yards and I was appalled at how they’re kept.

“I know the multi story is more expensive, but at least I know it won’t be going anywhere. That footage is shocking, it should be named and shame.”

Another commented: “I would hazard a guess the driver’s not got a licence or shouldn’t have one.”

Another said: “Awful driving from the parking company.”

One wrote: “Always take your keys with you on holiday. I don’t trust my mates in my car, let alone a complete stranger.”

Speaking today James, who paid £30 for the service, said: “I was shocked, I didn’t have much hope for the company anyway when we had to call to arrange the drop off, could hear kids shouting in the background.”

James said he had complained to the firm numerous times since returning and was still waiting for an explanation.

EAP Manchester declined to comment.

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