A dog walker has foiled a ‘twisted persons’ plan after finding shards of glass wrapped in a slice of ham


A DOGWALKER whose puppy picked up shards of glass wrapped in ham slices has posted a warning about the incident online.

47-year-old Melanie Hay was walking her dog six-month-old dog Skylar in Bramhall, Greater Manchester yesterday when her pooch made the dangerous discovery.

The Border Collie pup found the glass shards wrapped in a “parcel” of meat which she immediately gobbled up.

The lethal snack had been placed in some bushes near a popular dog walking route.

Luckily, Melanie managed to grab Skylar and hook her finger inside her mouth to wrench the glass pieces free.

A DOGWALKER whose puppy picked up shards of glass wrapped in ham slices has posted a warning about the incident online (C)  Melanie Hay 

The shaken dog walker took to local Facebook page ‘I Love Bramhall’ yesterday to warn fellow pet owners.

They posted her warning, saying: “Hi all, just a warning to all dog owners – someone has put slices of ham folded into parcels filled with shards of glass on Dairyground Road in Bramhall.

“I was out with our puppy, Skylar, just now and she sniffed and found it in the bushes. Before I knew it she had it in her mouth.

“Fortunately I grabbed her muzzle and think I got it out before any was swallowed – but she literally had shards of glass in her mouth.

“It was on Dairyground Road hidden in the bottom of the privets near the middle block of flats that back onto Pownall Green.

“Please, please be really careful when out with your dogs.”

The images show a slice of wafer thin ham with clear shards of glass lying on top of the meat.

Another picture shows the location of where the horrific trap was found.

The post has been met with disgust by social media users.

Lesley Anne Allen wrote: “Only a sick and sad individual would do this, it has nothing to do with dislike of dogs/animals, they are sick and twisted.”

Amanda Read added: “There are no words to describe the twisted person who did this! I hope your poor pup is okay.”

Karen Johnson replied: “Why are people such b*****ds. Makes my blood boil reading things like this.”

And Pauline Davenport said: “What is wrong with people at the mo! Poisoning meat near me too, if you don’t like dog’s just stay away from them, stop going round trying to kill loved pets!”

Six-month-old Border Collie Skylar (C) Melanie Hay

Speaking today, Melanie said: “Skylar was just sniffing about as she does and she game out of the bushes with something in her mouth.

“I hooked my fingers inside and to my horror a shard of glass came out. It was like a glass parcel covered in ham.

“I feel sick to my stomach thinking that someone could do that to a six month old puppy, because I mean well she could have died.

“I’m just lucky she’s the type of dog she is, she’s not as interested in food she’s more into toys and balls but if she’s been a Labrador or a ‘greedy’ dog she wouldn’t have stood a chance.

“I’m not one hundred percent sure I got everything out.

“I was quite panicked and I rang the vet and she said ‘look if she has swallowed something there’s nothing we can do so feed her as much as you can’ to hopefully bind the food.

“She’s alright today, a bit flat but I think that’s because I’ve filled her up with wet food.

“I just think it’s really awful. People have been saying it was meant for a fox, but it was close to a pavement where people walk their dogs so I don’t believe it was left for a fox.

“It’s not right to do that to any animal. I was really shocked, it’s just evil.”

It’s not the first time pet owners in the area have been on high alert.

Last year, Bramhall local Mark West reported seeing a pile of meat covered in suspicious powder dumped along the same road.