Dramatic moment thieves fleeing in van bombard pursuing motorist with fire extinguisher and other missiles


DRAMATIC video shows thieves bombarding a pursuing motorist with a fire extinguisher and other objects as they flee in a van.

Darren Butler was enraged to discover the gang trying to steal his bike and chased them off before jumping in his car and giving chase.

Heart-stopping video shows the pursuit along a narrow country lane near Basingstoke, Hants.

At several points, objects can be seen coming from the van and bouncing on the road close to Darren’s vehicle.


Towards the end of the clip, a fire extinguisher is hurled out of the van. Mercifully, the gang botch the attack and the fire extinguisher rolls harmlessly into the verge.

The incident, which happened on Monday afternoon, took place in the Brighton Hill area of the town.

Darren wrote: “Fortunately they were unable to take anything as they had been caught In the act. Acquired some help from a passerby and managed to chase them and get this video and their registration.”

The video shows the white transit driving down a country road in Cliddesden, Hampshire.

The side door of the transit can be seen being opened as the transit takes a corner, seconds later objects start being thrown from the transit in an attempt to slow down the pursuer.

One object smashes as it hits the road in front of Darren who continues in his pursuit.

Despite the chase, the white transit managed to escape.  (C) Darren Butler

As the two continue down the road, another object can be seen leaving the transit Darren swerves over into the other side of the road to avoid colliding with it.

The transit then continues further on, where it has to slow down due to traffic on the road.

After passing the traffic, a fire extinguisher can be seen being propelled into the air where it hopelessly hits the roof of the van and then falls into the side of the road.

During all of this, vehicles can be seen pulling into the side of the road in an effort to avoid the white transit as it continues on the winding road.

Despite the chase, the white transit managed to escape.

Rob Macloughlin responded: “Real scumbags, they could have killed an innocent motorist besides being low life thieves.”

Andy Lewis commented: “Pit maneuver the van into the bushes then remove some teeth.”

Ryan Cross posted: “Smash into the c****, make them crash in the ditch. F****** w******.”

Ness Carey also said: “What is wrong with people?”