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The top beard straightener comb to straighten your curly beard


If you had a bad beard day, perhaps you understand that it can affect your overall appearance and self-esteem. People who have curly beards that are thicker can opt to straighten it out or keep it curly. But this thickness also brings some problems, such as texture, tangles, and hygiene problems. As a result, you need to use the best beard straightener to prevent such problems. This post will discuss why you should use the top beard straightener.

Curly beard problems

Like it has been said already, curly beards can bring some issues. You see, curly beards require more time to grow longer compared to straight beards. Even worse, curly beards grow in a loop and by the time they grow half an inch, a straight bear might be three times longer.

While the straight beards will keep on growing downwards, curly beards grow in spirals and they look shorter. Aside from the length, men who have curly beards also face knots and tangle problems. Therefore, if your curly beards are thicker and coarser, there are good chances that you will experience tangle issues. 

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It’s almost impossible to apply beard oil when you have these tangles and knots since the oil doesn’t spread evenly. As this is not enough, using some beard combs or brushes to remove the knots can sometimes damage the beards. As a consequence, your curly beards might become rough and can even develop split ends. 

Finally, due to the curly beards, dirt, bacteria, and other germs can move from your beard to your skin. This is because they are close to your face and this can lead to health issues, such as pimples, acne, and blackheads. 

Beard straightener 

Knowing the above problems that come with having curly beards can help you to take the right measures intended to take care of your beards. One of the best ways to take care of a curly beard is by using the best beard straightener comb. This is also possibly one of the fastest and easiest methods you can do to care for your beards.

You may be wondering what is this beard straightener. Well, a beard straightener refers to a heated brush that you can use on your facial hair. While most people have used it as a styling tool for years, men have recently adopted it. Hence, you can utilise a hair straightener for beards that stick out in various directions to give you more control. Here are some properties of the best beard straighteners: 

  • Anti-scald teeth. The ideal beard straighteners have electrified teeth placed between their regular teeth. This helps to smooth facial hair with each brushstroke. 
  • Adjustable temperature. Different beard types need different temperatures. Most of these straighteners allow you to adjust the temperature, which is usually low, medium, and high. They also have a temperature indicator to help you to know when it’s ready for styling.
  • Swivel cord. A fixed cord can sometimes get tangled, so look for a beard straightener that has a swivel cord. This makes it easier to switch sides and it can reach every angle of your facial hair.

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