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A FRIENDLY fox has gone viral after sneaking into a house and being snapped hiding behind a fruit bowl.

House mates, Mary Phelan, 32 and Lauren Morrissette, 34, stumbled across the fox in the early hours of Tuesday morning hiding behind a fruit bowl in their kitchen.

Mary, a government communications manager posted to Twitter on Tuesday morning after an eventful morning with the fox.

A fox behind a fruit bowl
After the fox was startled it hid behind the fruit bowl

The fox, now called Freddie is pictured hiding in the shadows behind the porcelain bowl in their kitchen in Ealing, London.

The two-house mates were unsure as to how the fox would have got into their home and claim he must have sneaked in when they were taking the rubbish out on Sunday (4th).

Lauren spotted the fox first at 3:30am on Tuesday morning and tried to handle the situation herself and not disturb her sleeping housemates.

Speaking about the experience Lauren said: “I got up to go and get a glass of water, then something sounded like it had fallen downstairs, and I heard paws on the kitchen floor.”

“I assumed it was a cat, it turned out to be a fox which startled me, wasn’t sure what to do so, I called my dad who lives in the states, he just laughed at me.”

“I tried calling the RSPCA and dialing 101, the whole time I was trying to be quiet because they (my housemates) had work, Mary woke up and came down.”

“I’m not sure how the fox could have got in, the door was open on Sunday night he must have been there.”

“He practically ran into me on the stairs, he ran and knocked stuff over and then he seemed to chill out.”

A fox
Mary and Lauren attempted to lure the fox out with bread

Lauren then spoke of how they laid food to their door to let the fox out and hid in their rooms for a couple of hours and the fox disappeared.

“We named him Freddie, we haven’t seen him since, we are happy he is gone!”

Mary, whose post has now gone viral said: “There have been so many comments underneath the post and there are lots of recurring themes – the most common one is people saying he is gorgeous.

“Particularly girls in their late teens/early twenties who are getting quite emotional about Freddie!

“A lot of people are saying they’re really jealous and why can’t this happen to them. Finding a fox in your kitchen at 3am is pretty inconvenient – I don’t know why people would want that!

“A lot of people have asked how did we not smell him because foxes stink.

“I can confirm Freddie did not smell at all and I take defending his honour in this regard very seriously.

“It seems to have really tapped into the foxhunting debate here in the UK too.

Speaking of her friends and family’s reaction to her post Mary said:

“My friends and family think it is absolutely hilarious. I think it has given us something fun to talk about for the last few days and has really brightened up what has been a very dreary few months.

A twitter post - Viral News uk
Social media users adored the fox

“I think coronavirus and the general doom and gloom in the world at the moment is one of the reasons why Freddie has proved so popular!”

Twitter users reacted to the post with @Kovar99 tweeting:” I would’ve died as soon as I saw this in my kitchen.”

@coffeebookcat added: “His fruit bowl now!”

@msvvn commented: “Wow- he is beautiful.”


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