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FOR THE FIRST EVER time, work by six jewellery designers working in Scotland are to be included in this year’s New York City Jewellery Week (NYCJW).

The event, lasting between the 16th and 22nd of November is a reimagining of how the exhibition can work digitally

The annual  event aims to celebrate and educate both the general public and jewellery connoisseurs about current jewellery.

NYCJW Alison Macleod - Business News Scotland
(NYCJW Alison Macleod) Alison Macleod makes patterned fine jewellery set with diamonds and coloured gems. All of Alison’s work is made using Fairtrade gold, as she believes it is important to support and promote an ethical working practise.

The six Scottish exhibitors, who are based in Dumfries, Edinburgh and Glasgow, are: Soizig Carey, Michelle Currie, Ruth Leslie, Alison Macleod, Silvia Weidenbach and Heather Woof.

The online exhibition styled by Stacey Hunter and photographed by Gabriela Silveira features individual still life compositions highlighting key pieces from each jeweller.

Specially curated by Local Heroes and The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of Edinburgh, “Still Lifes: Scottish Jewellery at NYCJW” features a mix of Scottish jewellery that will join exhibitors and brands from all around the world.

Curator Stacey Hunter explained: “Our jewellers each had one-to-one sessions with us to discuss the themes of their work and these were developed into a concept for a photoshoot.

NYCJW Ruth Leslie - Business News Scotland
(NYCJW Ruth Leslie)
Ruth Leslie creates sculptural, wire, statement jewellery that is predominantly made in recycled silver. Visually inspired by textiles and textile machinery, most pieces have a kinetic element.

“The resultant exhibition offers audiences in New York and internationally a glimpse of what’s new and fresh about contemporary jewellery from Scotland.”

Goldsmith’s Director, Ebba Goring, explained: “Stacey Hunter and I have a shared enthusiasm and drive to create opportunities for makers in Scotland that will connect them with an international audience.

“Through taking part in this opportunity we hope it will be a catalyst for their career and creative practice.”

NYCJW Silvia Weidenbach1 - Business News Scotland
(NYCJW Silvia Weidenbach) Silvia Weidenbach has said: “I draw inspiration from the 17th Century ‘Cabinet of Curiosities,’ which combined new global discoveries with the natural world: the precious; luxurious; and extraordinary. These elements are all expressed in my jewellery.”

“NYCJW is quite a unique event, bringing all different genres of jewellery together, from sculptural conceptual pieces to fine gem set and gold jewellery.

“For the Incorporation we hope to forge and strengthen links with other international organisations that are part of the programme such as Ethical Metalsmiths in the USA.

“We want to encourage makers to take an active role in the global network for change in procurement and sourcing practices in the jewellery industry.”

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