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Scots police ridiculed for re-branding helicopter in Gaelic

copter 10

POLICE Scotland have been ridiculed for spending taxpayers’ cash on re-branding their helicopter in Gaelic. Nationalist MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh tweeted a photo of herself sitting in the helicopter which bears the name of Police Scotland in Gaelic. The smiling SNP politician wrote: “Huge thanks to @PolScotPSYV & @policescotland for the opportunity to sit in a […]

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Ewan McGregor travels 2,500 miles to take architecture selfie

McGregor tweeted the pic to his fans on Sunday

EWAN MCGREGOR has made a 2,500 mile pilgrimage to one of the most famous sites in the world of architecture. The famed Scots actor snapped a selfie at Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Falling Water” house on Sunday night. He posted a pic of the visit on Twitter and Instagram – featuring his face nearly eclipsing […]

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Scots teacher lures comedy legend with a cunning plan

John Lloyd pictured with pupils at the High School.

A SCOTS teacher hatched a cunning plan to get a British TV comedy legend to take her class about the First World War. John Lloyd, who co-wrote and produced Blackadder, as well as working on Spitting Image, Not The Nine O’Clock News, and QI, was in Edinburgh for the festival. History teacher Katie Hunter “stalked” […]

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Pics show Ben Nevis snow caves so big they will last until winter

The breathtaking structures are expected to last until winter

REMARKABLE new images show summer snow caves clinging to the slopes of the UK’s highest mountain. The breathtaking structures on Ben Nevis – some of them 70 metres (230ft) in length – are likely to survive until this winter’s snows arrive. They have been preserved as a result of an unusual combination of low summer […]

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Council spends £9.5K on holidays for troubled kids and carers

A beach on Albufeira, where the trio were staying (Pic: Wiki Commons)

A SCOTS council spent nearly £9,500 sending troubled youngsters and their carers on luxury holidays abroad. Shetland Council forked out the “totally inappropriate” sum treating two young people and their social care workers to four-star resorts in Disneyland Paris and Portugal. The information, revealed by a Freedom of Information request, details the two trips which […]

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Family quits £4.5m estate after 300 years – amid attacks on SNP

The castle is on the market for £4.5m

ONE of Scotland’s oldest families have put their £4.5m castle on the market for the first time in 300 years – following a string of blistering attacks on the SNP. Hatton Castle, an imposing grade A listed property near Turriff in Aberdeenshire, is one of the most impressive in the country. It has been in […]

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Tram chiefs wasted £400 on fake cake no-one could eat

Cllr Lesley Hinds was pictured cutting the 'tram cake'

TRAM chiefs have been castigated for wasting almost £400 on a fake cake that nobody could eat. Despite ongoing anger at the £750m cost of the scheme and the £2m inquiry into what went wrong, councils officials ordered the giant tram “cake” for a first anniversary PR picture. The city’s transport chief, Cllr Lesley Hinds […]

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Stunning villa built by French POWs for sale

The mansion dates back to 1815

A STUNNING villa built by Napoleonic prisoners of war over 200 years ago has gone on the market for half a million pounds. The Perthshire mansion dates back to 1815 when roughly 7,000 French soldiers were captured and held in the area. The prisoners were put to work building the city’s jail during their time […]

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Every child in Scotland to be given a library card

Health data from 856 children was used

EVERY child in Scotland is set to become a library member under new plans announced today. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon revealed that pilot projects are currently being developed in every local authority to introduce automatic library membership. The pilots – which will give all children a library card at birth, age 3 or 4 or […]

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Social care director slams drug funding reductions

Calum Murray is the director of adult care at CrossReach

A DIRECTOR of one of Scotland’s largest social care agencies has said it was “deeply distressing” that the number of drugs related deaths was now at a record high. Calum Murray, director of adult care at CrossReach which operates drugs support services across the country, said the funding reductions appeared to be “related” to a […]

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Little Lynxes Love the Great Outdoors


THREE  northern lynx cubs have made their first foray into the great outdoors at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park this week. At almost three months old the cubs ventured into their outdoor enclosure after spending the beginning of their lives huddled in dens with their mother Dimma and father Switch. Una Richardson, Head Keeper for Carnivores […]

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“Gravestone” found on Ben Nevis


BRITAIN’S highest peak is at the centre of a spooky mystery after a strange figure emerged from the fog and showed two climbers a discarded gravestone.         Brothers James and Alex Robbie lived on 4,409ft Ben Nevis for a week earlier this month to raise money for charity, The pair were camping […]

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Hospital “banned” toast following fire alarms

One patient said it was "a shame" she couldn't have toast

PATIENTS at a Scottish hospital were refused toast because a faulty machine kept setting off the fire alarm. Staff on a ward at Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital had to refuse patients’ requests for toast after managers took away their toaster. Instead, they were offered a selection of cold sandwiches if they felt peckish between meal […]

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Magnificent castle for sale complete with country’s oldest yew walk

The castle comes with Scotland's oldest yew walk

A MAGNIFICENT 15th century castle has gone on sale for £1.5m – boasting Scotland’s oldest yew tree walk. Buyers of the land in Kinross will be able to take a stroll under the canopy of 400-year-old trees, the tops of which have become entwined to create a secluded path. The trees, which were just saplings […]

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Teen brain damaged in harbour accident goes ziplining on family holiday

Nikki and Andy with 17-year-old Katie-Lou

A TEENAGER left severely brain-damaged after spending up to 20 minutes face-down in the sea has been able to zipline on a family holiday, thanks to the tireless devotion of her parents. Three years ago, Katie-Lou MacLean almost drowned in Eyemouth Harbour, Berwickshire, in seas so stormy rescuers had to risk their own lives to […]

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First women-only engineering class taught in Scotland

The new class is set to encourage female participation in the field

THE FIRST women-only engineering class is being offered in Scotland. The City of Glasgow College is teaching a no-lads-allowed Higher National Certificate (HNC) in engineering after female students said they would lack confidence in a mixed class. The first 12-strong class will begin this September – with college bosses also claiming it will begin to […]

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Parkour lessons boost troubled school kids

Scots teens have been moving out of exam halls and into the streets

A SCOTS school has used parkour to improve the performance of troubled teens. The sport of parkour includes feats of fast-moving acrobatics and gymnastics in an urban setting. The sport exploded in popularity after the opening scene of 2006 Bond film Casino Royale – in which Daniel Craig pursues an acrobatic villain through an urban […]

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Edinburgh sets new record for company creation on campus

Photo:Philip Allfrey

A RECORD number of companies has been formed by the University of Edinburgh in the past 12 months. The University supported the formation of 44 start-ups and three spin-outs in 2014/15 – a total that supersedes the previous best of 40 five years ago. Investment in University-founded companies has also hit a record high, with a […]

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Selective breeding can produce salmon resistant to sea lice

Lice are a massive threat to the Scots salmon industry

SALMON can be selectively bred to be resistant to sea lice, a new study has found. Sea lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) are the biggest threat to the welfare of farmed Atlantic salmon and the sustainability of fish farming across the world. Chemical treatments are the current mainstay of controlling infection but growing drug resistance among sea […]

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Heavy smoking may lead to a fatter stomach

Smokers are more likely to get pot bellies, it has been revealed

FEAR of weight gain is one reason smokers give for not kicking the habit, but new research suggests heavy smokers are more likely to develop pot bellies. Scientists at the University of Glasgow found that while smoking might be associated with lower overall weight it tends to push fat into central areas resulting in a […]

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