Buy my car – it’s “rough by very cheap”



By Alexander Lawrie

AN HONEST car dealer is flogging his forecourt motors in a novel way – by advertising their flaws.

Derek Blair Cars in Dalgety Bay is proving a big hit with customers in the Fife area for placing ads using cheeky comments to slag off his own cars.

The crafty salesman is advertising a Mitsubishi Challenger by declaring it has “done more miles than its NASA namesake”, and describes a five year-old Rover 25 as a “rough wee car but very cheap”.

The motor trader is also selling a seven year-old Jaguar X-Type by claiming it is “a lot of flash for very little cash”, and is trying to sell punters a Subaru Impreza by admitting it “looks the dog’s swingers”.

Owner Derek Blair insists the stunt gets him a lot of attention.

He said: “I first opened up in June last year with only six cars to my name.

“I thought I had to do something a wee bit different to stand out from the crowd, so after I got my hands on an old Mondeo with high mileage I thought it would be fun to be totally truthful about its condition.

“So, the first ad for the car I put a comment saying it was as rough as old boots.

“It got such a good laugh from friends and family I started to do it more regularly.

“And now when I don’t bother, or forget to do it, I actually get complaints.”

The comical businessman is currently moving all his stock to new premises in nearby Dunfermline and puts some of his success down to his funny ads.

The garage is selling off a Mercedes S-Class by asking customers if they “remember JR’s car on Dallas? (the one Sue Ellen crashed)”.

And female drivers are being enticed to buy a BMW Z3 Convertible with the tongue-in-cheek comment of “plenty of room for your straighteners, curlers, dryers and towels”.

Also up for sale is a six year-old Porsche Boxster which is apparently “sexier than a Brazilian”.

Mr Blair said: “Customers seem to really appreciate my honesty about the cars, which is really nice to hear.

“If a car I’m selling is a bit of a state, then I’ll say that. There’s no point in trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes.”