Wednesday, July 6, 2022
1Scots shine in cleanliness poll

Scots shine in cleanliness poll

By Cara Sulieman
SCOTS are the cleanest in the UK – although their feet might be a bit smell a bit, a new survey has revealed.

Findings show Scotland has the cleanest residents in Britain, with 63 per cent of the population washing at least every second day.

North of the border is ultimately gleaming compared to the grubby Northern Irish, with only 38 per cent of them admitting to washing every other day.

In England and Wales, a stinky half of the population go three days or more without a clean, leaving the Scots as clear winners.

But, despite the squeaky clean exterior, Scots are hiding a smelly secret below.

Almost half of the country regularly forgets to wash behind their ears, and a massive 37 per cent say they regularly give their feet a miss.

Although, we are armed to the teeth with cleaning products with almost three quarters of Scottish scrubbers stacking five or more bottles around their showers and over half never running out of shampoo.

On the rare occasion that Scots are caught without suds for their locks, they don’t have to turn far with most people picking up their trusty shower gel to tide them over.

But a brave eight per cent admit to rushing to the kitchen and getting that gleam back by dosing their tresses in fairy liquid, the study by Mira showers shows.

Hair is a bit of an obsession with the nation, with the luscious locks coming top of the list when Scots were asked what they would lather if they could only wash one part of their body.

The sensible option of their bum came second, with a quarter (26%) of the population opting to keep their privates smelling sweet.

Again the Scots are standing alone, with the rest of the UK scrubbing their armpits if they had to choose.

The age old divide between men and women showed up in the survey, with women generally being cleaner than men.

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