Scottish cartoon set to light up TV screens

Gray - the main character in One Star
Gray - the main character in One Star

By Michael MacLeodTHE stars behind the country’s most iconic kids TV shows are coming together for a new comedy cartoon for adults.

The masterminds who brought us Bob the Builder, Shaun the Sheep and even the voice behind Postman Pat are uniting for a raunchy and downright rude space-based animation.

Touted as “the Scottish Family Guy meets Fawlty Towers – in space,” One Star is set to screen on BBC2 on Wednesday.

If it proves a hit with viewers, it could soon become as familiar.

Set in the year 2050, the 3D animation features a Scottish Borders farmer running a B&B in the outer reaches of the Galaxy.

One of stand-up hero Frankie Boyle’s chums from the Scottish comedy circuit – Greg McHugh – does voices for the lead character, Gray, and music agent Twentypercentia.

The two-time Scottish BAFTA winner said: “I used to do a lot of stand up comedy so was pretty good at stopping myself laughing.

“But the script for One Star is so funny and has some really disgusting moments that I had to compose myself.

“It’s self-deprecating humour but we Scots love taking the mick out of ourselves and I think the rest of the country loves that about us too.”

The alien cast also features the voices of comedian Brendan Burns, Sarah Hadland of Mitchell and Webb fame, as well as Gavin Mitchell of Still Game.

The hotel receptionists, Jobriath Tudd
The hotel receptionists, Jobriath Tudd

Producer David Murdoch pointed out that comedy is important amid tough times.

He said: “In a depression you need escapist comedy, big characters, wild plots and not a banker in sight.

“We got inspiration from many places, including Fawlty Towers, Psycho and The Chipmunks.

“My favourite character is mother – the classic strict Calvinist granny with a very well stocked larder and a windy bottom.

“Like Family Guy, it’s edgy, irreverent, and has naked cartoon men doing stupid things.

“It’s still good to know we Scots can have a laugh about the future. We wanted to make it lovingly stupid with the occasional naughty bit.

“In the future you’ll have seven-star intergalactic hotel chains but you’ll also have places with squeaky beds and owners who reveal embarrassing information to their guests and One Star is that place.

“It is based on a real hotel in Scotland, but I couldn’t possibly reveal where.

“Space is big and cosmopolitan and we wanted an international cast to reflect that with a blend of different accents and body parts.”

The show was supported by the National Lottery Fund and airs on BBC2 on Wednesday March 4th at 10pm and repeated on Monday March 9th at 11.15pm on BBC 1.