Monday, May 23, 2022
1Tesco hires weathermen

Tesco hires weathermen

By Cara Sulieman

SUPERMARKET giants Tesco have hired a team of weathermen to make sure that they are stocking the right things – and hopefully boost sales.

Six experts have been brought in the hope that they can stop shops from running out of popular goods and cut waste by having less unwanted food.

If the country is set for a sunny spell, then more burgers and sausages will go on the shelves – but if cold weather is predicted then comfort food like puddings and soup will be wheeled out.

The weather has a profound effect on the nation’s buying habits, with the smallest change in temperature changing sales dramatically.

Sales soar

Sales of barbecue meat rise 300 per cent for every 10 degree rise in temperature

Spokesman said: It’s going to be much busier this summer but our new forecasting system means we can make sure the stores are well-stocked whatever the British summer does.”

The stores expect more customers over the summer months are cash-strapped Scots choose to stay in the UK instead of travelling to foreign countries.

A poll for the supermarket found that 29.7 million customers will stay at home this year.

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