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1Teacher struck off for ripping up documentation

Teacher struck off for ripping up documentation



A SCOTS teacher has been struck from the register after ripping up official documentation sent from the industry’s governing body.

Anthony Notman, 46, from Stranraer, Wigtownshire, was convicted of a minor assault charge in 2007 and was subsequently contacted by the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) for verification of the conviction.

But Notman refused to accept the delivery of any of the six official GTCS letters, eventually resulting in him tearing up the final communication and throwing it into a rubbish bin.

The act was witnessed by a Sheriff Officer who had been charged with delivering the letter.

The ex-mathematics teacher failed to appear at Thursday’s disciplinary hearing in Edinburgh, and also failed to send any legal representative.

Teacher struck off

The Sub-Committee of the GTCS decided the charge of failing and refusing to correspond with the Council was a charge that amounted to relevant misconduct.

The five-man panel deliberated for around 30 minutes before deciding to strike the teacher from register.

Mark Paxton, 27, an Investigation Officer for the GTCS, was the only person to give evidence to the panel.

He confirmed Notman had been convicted of an assault to injury in November 2007 – a charge the council did not feel was worthy of a disciplinary hearing.

But the council was forced to write to the former-teacher for confirmation that the court case took place.

Notman then decided to ignore all the correspondence sent from the GTCS, culminating in him destroying the final recorded delivery letter from the sheriff’s officer.

Mr Paxton confirmed to the panel the teaching body had received official confirmation Notman had indeed received the letter, but had ripped up the communication in front of the sheriff’s officer.

He is then said to have told the officer he would not accept any further correspondence from the body because his teaching registration had elapsed.

After giving their judgement, the panel said: “The Sub-Committee considered the nature of the conduct contained within the charge fell short of the standard expected of a registered teacher.

“Over a period of time, in face of several opportunities to engage with the Council, the respondent persistently and consistently refused to co-operate.

“Members agreed with the submission by the Council’s solicitor that such behaviour compromised the integrity of the statutory disciplinary process and had no hesitation in finding that registered teachers were obligated to co-operate and communicate with their professional regulatory body.

“The Panel considered all the disposals available to it but were unanimously of the opinion that in the circumstances of this case and given the respondent’s behaviour, that removal from the register was the only appropriate disposal.”

Notman has 28 days to lodge any form of appeal, but is now thought to be working from home selling motorised disability scooters.

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