Friday, August 19, 2022
1Cowell’s smile is a TV turn-off

Cowell’s smile is a TV turn-off

By Shaun Milne

X FACTOR judge Simon Cowell’s ultra-bright smile has become one of the biggest celebrity turn-offs on TV.

Dental experts insist his estimated £10,000 tooth-job is money down the drain and claim it looks unnatural.

With some £27 thought to be spent on creating his Hollywood smile every day – nine out of 10 Scots patients at one cosmetic dental surgery say they want to sidestep Simon’s gleaming white veneers for a tamer look.

Dr Biju Krishnan, co-founder of Lubiju dental practice, said: “Very few people can carry off Simon Cowell’s celebrity smile.

“Being someone in the public eye, Simon naturally cares a lot about his appearance. His mixing with the Hollywood set means it’s important for him to sport a showbiz gleam.

“But nine out of 10 of Lubiju clients say they don’t want to end up looking like him when asking us to polish up their smiles.”

Dr Krishnan added: “He clearly understands the importance of good dental work, and while our patients might want that look if they were forever jetting off to LA, I imagine a less dazzling smile goes down better in Scottish daily life. 

“We have the technology to make sure a person’s veneers or tooth whitening is more subtle – we can make teeth up to eight shades brighter – but this is a more natural pearly look without going overboard on the gleam.”

Dr Krishnan set up Edinburgh’s Lubiju dental practice along with fellow Dundee University graduate Dr Lubino do Rego.

The pair also run the highly successful Drake Dental Care NHS practice and has previously featured television make-over shows such as 10 Years Younger.

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