A pensioner chases yobs, dies twice and survives


A PENSIONER is recovering in hospital after he “died twice” following his brave pursuit of couple of troublesome teenagers from his home.

The 65 year-old, David Alexander showed no fear with his reaction to chase the teenagers who had thrown vegetable missiles at his home in West Lothian.

Mr Alexander suffered a heart attack and collapsed on his home street, Honeyman Court, in Armadale, West Lothian while running after the two boys who had launched peppers at his windows on Sunday evening.

Paramedics saved the man from death twice during treatment he received at the scene.  Mr Alexander was then taken to St John’s Hospital where he remains in a serious but stable condition.

A resident of Honeyman Court watched his neighbour battle with life and death as the pensioner’s heart stopped and paramedics revived him on two occasions.  The neighbour said: “He died twice in the street and then paramedics had to revive him.

He added: “I thought he was going to die on the street.  It was frightening.”

Another Honeyman Court resident said: “I think it’s a natural reaction to do what he [Mr Alexander] did but it could have killed him.  Everyone is so glad he’s pulled through.

“There have been a few incidents of vandalism over the past couple of years here, but nothing too much.

“The thing is there is no deterrent to kids these days.”

A police spokesperson confirmed that two 14 year-old boys have been charged in connection with the incident and a report would be sent to the Children’s Reporter.

He said: “An investigation is under way following an incident in Armadale around 5pm on Sunday November 7.

“A 65-year-old man suffered a heart attack shortly after a minor disturbance involving youths in the area of Honeyman Court”.

The neighbouring streets of Mill Road, Grove Road and Woodend Walk were closed following the incident while police launched their investigation.

Armadale councillor Isabel Hutton, who lives opposite Mill Road, said: “My heart goes out to Mr Alexander’s family who must be in a state of shock.

“This could be so easily have ended in tragedy had it not been for the expertise of our emergency services who saved Mr Alexander’s life.

She added: “People are entitled to a decent quality of living without this type of antisocial behaviour.”

Anyone with information was asked to contact Lothian and Borders Police.

REPORT: Clare Carswell