Young and old paint census date into the memory


A GROUP of nursery children helped to paint a large reminder of this year’s census date – with a little help from members of the elder generation.

Youngsters at the Elsie Inglis Nursery in Edinburgh joined forces with residents of neighbouring Elsie Inglis Nursing Home yesterday (Mon), to decorate the 27 March poster – marking the date of Scotland’s biggest population survey.

Scotland’s ‘Painting by Numbers’ campaign aims to ensure that everyone is counted next month, with the slogan: “fill in the blanks and help shape Scotland’s future”.

The Registrar General for Scotland, Duncan MacNiven, is responsible for organising the census.

He said: “The census takes place just once every ten years; so we need to inform people what the census is and why it matters.

“For many young people – and new communities that have made Scotland their home – 2011 will be the first time that they have been responsible for filling in a census questionnaire.

“The results of the census will help provide the evidence of what Scotland and its people need from the UK Treasury, the Scottish Government and local authorities. It is a vital part of securing funds and allocating them fairly, and planning services for us all.

“Most of the census questions are multiple choice and can be answered by simply ticking a box. It takes about 10 minutes to complete per person, but its effects will last for a decade.

“The ‘Painting by Numbers’ campaign demonstrates that we are all responsible for filling in the blanks to make up a complete picture of Scotland and its communities.

“The campaign features people and services, such as health, education and transport because the census results will shape these services and the future for us all.”