Friday, May 27, 2022
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Police crackdown reveals van driver using laptop behind the wheel

ASTONISHED police officers pulled over a van driver after spotting him using a laptop computer behind the wheel.

The mad motorist was one of 282 drivers caught using mobile phones and other hand held devices across the country during a police campaign to crackdown on inattention to driving.

A bus driver in Lanarkshire, with passengers on board, was also issued with a fixed penalty for using his phone while driving.

In Edinburgh, 48 car drivers, 24 van drivers and two lorry drivers can expect warning letters after traffic wardens caught them on the phone and passed on their details to police.

Strathclyde Police force caught 151 drivers using phones, and two others were reported for failing to maintain proper control of their vehicles.

In Ayr a motorist was charged with dangerous driving as he was spied negotiating a roundabout while on a mobile phone.

The shocking figures were released by the Association of Chief Police Officer (APCOS) to coincide with the fifth anniversary of legislation making using any hand held device when driving an endorsable offence.

Superintendent Alan Duncan who leads on Road Policing Campaigns for ACPOS said: “Once again, following a coordinated day of action by police officer across all eight Scottish forces, I have to report that an unacceptable number of drivers are still risking their lives, the lives of their passengers and others using our roads.

“In total 261 drivers were detected driving their vehicle whilst using their mobile phone, this included 195 car driver, 56 van drivers and ten drivers of large goods vehicles.

“In addition 319 persons were detected for seatbelt offences.

“All forces are committed to reducing the number of persons killed or injured on the road network and we will continue on a daily basis to target these offences, as this type of action can have devastating consequences.

“I believe that through educating drivers to the dangers and encouraging them to make a few simple changes, we will see further reductions on those injured or killed on our roads.”

Offender breakdown by force area:

Central Scotland – 18

Dumfries and Galloway – 20

Fife – 31

Grampian – 4

Lothian and Borders – 18

Northern – 19

Strathclyde – 151

Tayside – 20

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