Eleven-year-old boy tells of stranding horror.


A SCHOOLBOY has spoken of his terror at being trapped by rising tides on a family holiday.

CallumFraser had to hold on to a pipeline for dear life after he became stranded on a beach at South Queensferry.

The 11-year-old from Buckinghamshire, was walking on a beach when he suddenly got out of his depth.

He, along with his mum Angela, 39, eight-year-old brother Hamish and five-year-old sister Miriam, were visiting relatives.

They had been walking along the coast and intended to wade to another part of the beach to continue their walk.

But the schoolboy then realised the tide was rising quickly and he was getting into danger.

He was forced to hold onto nearby pipeline for dear life until a lifeboat could rescue him.

Callum described his terrifying ordeal. He said: “I was scouting ahead to see if it was shallow enough to cross and I went along the sewage pipe that was along the side of the wall,’ he said.

“I was edging my way along and the pipe was getting closer and closer to the water. I almost went in but I couldn’t go back and I couldn’t go on because the wall stuck out and that’s when I realised I was stuck.

“The pipe was slippery and the waves were making the wall slippery.

“I was really scared. I called my mum for help and she called to a passerby to see if he had a phone.

“The water was deep but from a distance it looked shallow. If you put your foot in it you couldn’t see it and it was cold and God knows what was at the bottom. “

Coastguard crews managed to pull Callum to safety.

The lifeboat from South Queensferry was launched at around 2pm to help save Callum.

Crews managed to return him to his mother and siblings at nearby Hawes Pier after a 16 minute operation. Callum’s mum Angela, 39, said she tried to keep her son calm throughout his ordeal.

“I just can’t believe how fast the water came in. I would have thought I’d have known better because I’m originally from Torquay.

“Now we live the furthest inland that you can, in Milton Keynes, and the children haven’t been raised on the coast and don’t have the same sort of perceptions.

“I did think that we could get through the shallow water to the rocks but then I realised the water was coming in and it just all happened so fast. “

“I was just trying to keep him calm with my voice. I was nervous but I was trying to sound casual. I really thought he’d be able to get back but he was really stuck.

Mrs Taylor called for safety signs to be erected on the beach.

“I think a safety sign would be handy, particularly as Queensferry is so popular with tourists. But boys will be adventurous and Callum’s always been adventurous,’ she said.

“The RNLI got him off really quickly. They were scared the water wasn’t deep enough for the boat but it was rapidly getting deeper.

The family handed Callum’s rescuers a cash reward for their efforts.

A coastguard spokesman said:

“The boy was playing one the beach when he became cut off. He was able to get to a pipeline and hold on until help arrived. “