McAvoy: “Pirates nearly destroyed Keira’s career”

The Hollywood star said he was not upset at missing out on a part in the film (Picture by gdcgraphics)

HOLLYWOOD actor James McAvoy has claimed blockbuster movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean nearly destroyed Keira Knightley’s career.

The Scottish star said the Disney franchise “could have been the end” for his fellow Atonement star.

The 32-year-old said: “She was in a film that, acting wise, wasn’t that demanding and she got labelled a terrible actor. That could have been the end for her.”

He added that Keira’s acting career could have taken a wrong turn because “people’s opinions of her were really, really harsh.”

McAvoy was almost cast for Orlando Bloom’ role as Will Turner in the family flicks but he revealed that he was in fact very grateful for not getting it.

“The producers saw me, Adam Rickitt and Paul Nicholls. We were all in the waiting room for the auditions with Keira, and I think I got relatively close to the part.”

McAvoy said that gaining the high profile role of Will Turner would mean his acting would be heavily scrutinized.

“By nature of the fact you’re in something that cost hundreds of millions, you’re just a target. Keira nearly got crippled by the fact that she was suddenly an international movie star.”

But despite missing out on a role in the franchise – estimated to be worth £2.3 billion – the actor has expressed he is not sorry for the snub.

He went on to star in The Wanted, alongside Angelina Jolie, as well as starring in Hollywood blockbuster X-Men: First Class.

His next appearance as Santa’s resourceful son in Arthur Christmas is tipped to be the seasonal smash of the year.

Speaking in the interview, he revealed that the festive family is based on the royal family.

He said of his character: “So he’s a little bit like a less clever Harry. A less sophisticated Harry – mind you that’s saying something.”