Catch of the day: Top salmon beat could be yours – for £1m

Newtyle produces an average annual catch of 135 fish, with the average weight being 10-12lb

A SALMON fishing beat on one of Scotland’s best fishing rivers has come up for sale – with a £1 million price tag.

The Newtyle beat on the River Tay, one of the “big four” salmon rivers, is being sold after more than 40 years in the hands of the same owner.

The mile and a quarter long section of the river is expected to attract interest from wealthy international investors.

The tranquil spot, which originally formed part of the Murthly and Atholl Estates, has been described as “an absolute gem” and a rarity on the market.

It produces an annual average catch of some 135 fish over its 14 named pools, with the heaviest fish of the last season weighing in at 32lb.

CKD Galbraith has been instructed to handle the sale of the beat, which it describes as “one of the most attractive and accessible double beats on the middle Tay” with fishing from both banks for most of the length, and which features “a charming wood lined fishing hut and lovely views in this beautiful area of Highland Perthshire.”


William Jackson, the agent, said: “It is only very rarely that a beat of salmon fishing is offered for sale on the River Tay and Newtyle is an absolute gem. It is extremely private, beautifully maintained and is likely to attract significant interest.

“It’s quite rare for these beats to come up. Once it is held it’s held for a number of years and they can be passed down through families.

“It’s a lovely beat and it’s quite rare for a middle beat to come up, especially one of this quality.

“It’s quite unusual because it has the double banks and it’s got quite a good spread of fish in terms of where they are caught on the beat and what time of year they are caught.

“It’s let as an eight rod beat, it’s got a lovely old hut with a fireplace which is wood lined and sits in the middle of the beat.”

The current owner already employs a ghillie to guide anglers on their day trips, and fees start at £20 per rod per day ranging up to £100 a day in the peak season.

Anyone who buys the beat will have to pay an annual levy of £2300 to the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board, which administrates the river and works to improve salmon fishing..

Mr Jackson added: “I think it is going to attract someone obviously with a keen interest in fishing, but it could also appeal to someone who is not necessarily resident in Scotland. It could be very possible to fly into Scotland to enjoy the river.

“But even if that happens we would expect it to be sold to someone with a love for Scotland.

“For a starch that size I would describe the average annual catch as good.

“A big advantage is that it is very accessible.

“The current owner also has quite a few guests using the stretch. It is great owning your own stretch of water and being able to bring your family and friends for a day’s fishing.”