SuBo to guest star in new musical about her life

SuBo said she was delighted to be a part of I Dreamed a Dream

SCOTS singing sensation SuBo has revealed she will be the guest star of a new musical about her life.

Susan Boyle will make a cameo appearance in I Dreamed a Dream – a stage show charting the star’s astonishing rise to fame.

The musical stars Elaine C. Smith, best known as TV’s Rab. C. Nesbitt’s wife Mary Doll, and the two have struck up a friendship while working on the musical.

Elaine said: “Susan has become a great pal and I’d do anything for her.

“We are similar in many ways – two Scottish lassies from mining villages who were supposed to get married, have kids and be quiet.

“But Susan and I didn’t quite turn out like that.  I’m so honoured to be able to tell the story of her amazing life.”

Susan added: “I am thrilled to be part of the musical and I am looking forward to be stepping on stage.

“It is an honest portrayal of my life and has been a cathartic process to be involved in.”

In 2009, Subo revealed that Elaine was her favourite actress when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, and Elaine has been linked to the lead role ever since.

Elaine said: “It meant I read Susan’s life story before anyone else. It was so inspirational and I kept thinking this would make such a great play.

“I thought Simon Cowell would say no but the response was very positive. Susan gave the idea her blessing and asked me to give her a ring. I phoned and said ‘I’m going to pop round for a cup of tea of that’s OK. She replied ‘That would be lovely but I’ve got two houses.

“I immediately told her to stop the bragging and she laughed. From that moment we became friends.

“Susan even jokes that she looks like Mary Doll when she’s at home with her pinny on doing the cooking or cleaning.”

I Dreamed a Dream will follow Susan’s early life in Blackburn, West Lothian to her rise to fame as runner up in Britain’s Got Talent.

Susan will make a cameo appearance at the end of the musical, and Elaine said she has no concerns about Susan’s ability to cope.

She said: “Susan’s not nervous. I have joked to her that she’ll need to get me out of the toilet on the first night.

“I was a singer before I was anything else but I will not be trying to impersonate her. There’s only one Susan and there’s no point trying to take her voice on.”

Elaine attended Susan’s 50th birthday party last year Susan made a guest appearance in Rab C Nesbitt last December.

The musical, which will cover issues from the star’s childhood bullying to the death of her parents, will see Susan embark on a nationwide tour.

Elaine said: “It’s about trying to Susan ready for the next stage in her career. There’s a bit part of Susan’s story still to be told.”